Best Bed and Breakfast in Shibuya


There aren’t any reasons for you to hesitate visiting here and booking a stay at the best bed and breakfast hotel in Shibuya. It’s such a fabulous city with a famous intersection in Tokyo that you ought to visit. Rain or shine, even during the clear evenings or the sunny afternoons, the area is packed with students, commuters, tourists, young couples and shoppers. This area is surrounded with huge malls, boutiques and a whole lot more.

Bed and Breakfasts Hotels in Shibuya That Will Leave you Satisfied

Zenriren Shukuhakubu


This is simply an excellent hotel for it has easy access to sights and sounds of Tokyo. Nothing could beat the comfort that this hotel offers with its European style beds. Amenities provided were very useful and the hotel was much cleaner than expected. The washing facilities are simply great for all travelers who come to visit the place. Indeed, this is one of the best bed and breakfasts in Shibuya that you might want to consider.

Business Hotel Sagami

This is another hotel option that bodes well for your budget. More importantly, Hotel Sagami promises an ease of access to the train station. It’s mainly surrounded with excellent shopping and this makes is a lot easier for you to purchase clothing or everyday products. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and the nightlife in Kabukicho neighbourhood are just a 10min walk away.

The owner of the hotel is very pleasing and helpful, so we could not help it but wonder just how many have chosen to return to this place because of his service alone. The rooms, however, may look small with laundry facilities, a separate bathroom and double decker beds. Tourists and business travelers would most likely approve of this for their bed and breakfast accommodation.

What my girlfriend and I liked was that during the morning before we went out to explore, they would serve us the healthiest breakfast foods which brightened up our day.

Ohashi Kaikan


Ohashi Kaikan is another impressive hotel with the bed and breakfast theme. There is nothing that could beat the excellent accommodation and services that they offer just to ensure the utmost satisfaction of the guests.

When we stayed there it was beautiful outside, so we decided to visit Yoyogi Park which took us approx. 20min on foot. The warm accommodation, facilities and the amenities all combined into one making this a nice hotel to stay at.

Another Alternative Hotel:

Business Hotel Sanyokaikan

Travelers could not help but agree on this choice of hotel as one of the top. This hotel could accommodate you and your family and even your friends. Sanyokaikan should never be disregarded for it really portrays such a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Our favorite part about this hotel is hands-down the location. It’s situated nearby movie theaters, department stores, convenience stores, restaurants and consumer electronic stores. We were never bored staying here as there was so much to do.

Truly, the choices for bed and breakfasts in Shibuya are amazing and smart, budget-wise. No need to hesitate further in narrowing down to the ones you like the most!

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