The Five Best Hostels in Shinjuku – if Budget is Your Top Priority


The Shinjuku area is one of the more exciting and vibrant cities in Tokyo which is why you can find several great hotels. My girlfriend and I have stayed in some of the hostels in the area with family and friends visiting from the states or overseas. We have been asked to create a list of the best hostels based on our personal experience to help others find the right one for their needs

Here is a list of the best hostels in Shinjuku based on their location, accommodations, and amenities which makes them the first places you should check out if visiting the area.


Shinjuku Hostels at an Affordable Price

We have stayed in all of the hostels on this list, as a couple and with friends or family visiting from other places.

Imano Tokyo Hostel:


The modern urban sprawl of Tokyo offers a great deal of fun and enjoyment, so it’s little wonder that the Imano Tokyo Hostel which is located within 15 minutes of the Shinjuku Station is so popular. With excellent budget accommodations, this is one of the hippest places to stay that does not break the budget.

There’s a yummy breakfast offered daily for 600 yen with eggs, toast, sausage, cereal etc. We borrowed Tokyo guide books and had access to free maps which were very helpful.

The location is excellent as it’s nearby Golden Gai and the famous Kabukicho area. With plenty of restaurants and karaoke bars to belt out a few tunes! My girlfriend and I love this hostel as it offers the right number of amenities while being conveniently located.

Ace Inn:


This is a great hostel that was opened back in 2007. The staff are very helpful and it’s a great place to meet travelers from all over the world.

I especially love the wooden capsule beds which are comfortable and nostalgic. However, my girlfriend really loves how close it is to Shinjuku Station which offers you quick access to central Tokyo and plenty of stores, restaurants, and other places to visit. Wifi’s good and body soap, shampoo and towels are also provided.

The only downside is that there’s shared electrical outlets and none by our bed.

HI Tokyo Central Youth Hostel:

Admittedly, this is a bare-bones hostel that offers good, but not outstanding accommodations all for a low, reasonable price. However, what makes it really stand out is its central location and spectacular view of the city. It is near the Iidabashi Station and on clear days you can actually see Mt. Fuji from the windows.

Location is excellent as this hostel is walking distance to Tokyo Dome and the Imperial Palace. You’ll find everything you need here with tons of restaurants, markets, post office, pharmacy and convenience stores.

Just be reminded, for late night party animals that there’s a curfew at 11pm so if you decide to go out, make it an all-nighter and head back in the morning.

 Sakura Hotel:


This is a chain hostel, but one that is quite popular thanks to its low rates. In this one there are no dorm accommodations which makes it unique, but it is well located as it is close to the Shinjuku Station.

You can order a private room and even take in a meal thanks to the 24/7 café which has an open terrace outside, accessible from 7am to 10pm. The hostel is also friendly to Muslim visitors as it offers prayer rooms and Halal food as part of the café’s menu.

Anime Hostel Astro Station:



This is a superb place for those interested in anime as there are themed wallpapered rooms, manga and movies for your enjoyment. It’s very close to Takadanobaba Station and make sure to checkout the interesting Don Quixote store on your way there. There are nice eateries and several bars just outside this hostel.

The staff here are so friendly and the rooms provide just enough space for your belongings. If you’re in need of more room, look into booking the Superior room instead of the Standard.

You shouldn’t go in expecting hostels to offer ample space but we were happy with the great value, wonderful location and convenience provided.

These are the best hostels in Shinjuku, especially for those on a budget and wanting to be near all the action that Tokyo has to offer.

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