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I always believe that the best way to enjoy a location is to check out all that it has to offer and its authenticity is a huge part of that. This is why I was very impressed by the best Ryokans in Shibuya, as these inns are fantastic and they do tend to provide you with a stellar accommodation and incredible atmosphere.


What to Look for in a Comfortable Japanese Style Ryokan

Finding the best Shibuya Ryokans was a bit of a challenge for me, but I tried multiple ones, and here you have my thoughts on them!



Keiunso is a Japanese style hotel located near Shinjuku Station South Gate. Provided are traditional ryokan tatami rooms located in a quieter part of the city. They have a few rules to follow, as you have to leave your room at 10am for daily cleaning and there’s a midnight curfew.

Wi-Fi is only available on the ground floor lobby area. However, the rooms are large, the beds are soft and the shower works very well. The staff speak moderate English and it’s a nice investment if you want to stay in the city.

This is one of the better options and you will certainly like how friendly the staff really are. You get the basic amenities and we found the rooms to be extremely affordable for travelers on a budget.

Sakura Fleur Aoyama


What I like a lot here is the fact that it’s cheap. Also, this is a nice option for hotels in Shibuya for couples because they offer low-cost double rooms. The rooms are one of the largest in Tokyo and the bed is more of a full size, instead of a queen that is often seen in Japanese hotel rooms.

Sakura Fleur Aoyama only has a restaurant, so it’s pretty basic when compared to the other options in the region. However, the price is well worth it and the fact that you are right near Shibuya station makes it easy to travel around.

The ambience of this hotel is nice with a touch of Victorian accents. You also get some other amenities that you would expect from a business hotel. This includes unit bath, internet, fast check-in and checkout. It has the charm of a boutique hotel too, which is amazing!

APA Hotel Shibuya Dogenzakaue


The APA Hotel Shibuya Dogenzakaue is one of the best ryokans in Shibuya because not only is it inexpensive, it also has a very impressive set of features. Rooms are compact and not exactly very large. On the other hand, you will like the fact that it’s very close to the metro station and the rooms are very clean.

All areas are comfortable and staying here can be a delight. It’s definitely easy to see that they place a lot of work in making these rooms pleasant. They also have free internet and include food in most of their overnight packages. Overall, it was a nice experience for us and we would gladly go back again!

Dormy Inn Premium Shibuya Jingumae


The hotel location is excellent as it’s located nearby JR Shibuya Station and Harajuku Station. They have laundry facilities and a convenient free shuttle bus to Shibuya Station. Breakfast buffet had numerous options for us to choose from in both Western and Japanese cuisine. You can even get free ramen noodles in the evening at the restaurant.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Dormy Inn Premium Shibuya Jingumae offered free use of their bicycles and that they had a lovely sauna/onsen (Japanese hot spring bath). Staff were warm and always helpful. My girlfriend and I have booked here numerous times and we will continue to return to this hotel for the amenities alone.


I tried all of these accommodation options in my quest to find the best ryokans in Shibuya. I believe that all of them are worthwhile options, it all comes down to you to make the right pick. The experience is more than impressive so you won’t have to worry about anything once you check-in. These Inns are some of the better options if you want value, quality and professionalism in a single package, that’s for sure!

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