Best Boutique Hotels in Osaka


Osaka is an amazing place filled with charm and warmth that makes any visitor feel like they are at home. One of the best aspects of this remarkable city is that they offer the best boutique hotels in the region. The real meaning of “boutique” hotels is not exactly known; however, the size of the hotel, not more than 100 rooms and the quality, characteristics and atmosphere is a very significant factor. My girlfriend and I have been privileged to stay at many boutique hotels that show off the city’s culture and here are the 10 best that we have found.


Osaka’s Best Hotels

Arietta Hotel

Near Midosuji Street, we got in plenty of shopping on this trip. It’s a simple, straightforward hotel that has rather large, comfortable rooms for a boutique. The beds were firm but still comfortable and my girlfriend loved the deep soaker tub in the ensuite. In terms of convenience the markets, restaurants and sightseeing came be found nearby. The subway is within walking distance and for function and value, Arietta is a great place to stay at.

Sunplay Inn Nagahori

As you know by now Japanese hotels are rather expensive, so if you’re on a budget this is one of the cheapest accommodation options available. A female only floor is available and your capsule comes with a small TV, locker space and electrical sockets to charge your electronics. A wonderful hotel complete with capsule bunks, this is a very economical choice with basic amenities, although you’ll have to use a public bathroom. If you’ve always wondered what is was like to sleep in a capsule, this is the one to try.

Dotonbori Hotel

I pointed out to my girlfriend the four pillars in the hotel entrance that represented a different race. This hotel is where you can experience the unique Japanese culture and hospitality. Clean, cozy rooms that were quite comfortable, there are plenty of great services and amenities found here. Besides the unique entrance, the entire hotel is quite cozy and provides many comforts.

Hotel Crossover

A modest hotel that combines modern amenities with traditional trappings, we stayed in one of the Japanese-style room and even rented a couple of bicycles to explore the city. This is seemingly the perfect hotel and on our next trip my girlfriend has asked that we stay here again.

Hotel Ichiei

We had our choice of Japanese or Western-style rooms which were all quite spacious considering this was located in downtown Osaka. It’s quiet, serene, and offers a great location as my girlfriend and I went shopping at Shinsaibashi which is close by.

Hotel Kuramoto

An old-styled ryokan, we enjoyed a traditional Japanese experience without having to pay much for it. We even had our own bathroom which was quite nice. However, we could have chosen the public bathroom to make the cultural experience complete. The best aspect may be its location near downtown Osaka.

Hotel The Grandee

We could not get over the sheer beauty of this hotel. Located near Shinsaibashi, we managed to snag one of the glass and chrome suites which combined the traditional with the modern in a wonderful way.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan

This is one of the finest ryokan hotels in the city, complete with roll-up beds, sliding doors, and tatami flooring. We stayed for the weekend in Nipponbashi, rather close to the center of the city which made our trip even more memorable.

Spa World

My girlfriend was rather insistent that this is one of the best boutique hotels in Osaka and I can’t blame her. Two floors of spas with different themes present, including the famed open-air onsen or Japanese outdoor bath. Spa World is an excellent place to stay in the winter season and lounge the day away.

Yamatoya Hoten

Considering its location, this is a very quiet, peaceful hotel. My girlfriend noted the serene atmosphere right away, but I fancied the many amenities which included the private bathrooms and yukata robes. We managed to get a room with its own bathroom, but some rooms in the hotel share a communal bathroom.

These are the 10 best boutique hotels Osaka has to offer and well worth the price considering their location, amenities, and sumptuous atmosphere.

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