Top 5 Hostels in Tokyo that Will Amaze You


What are Tokyo’s Best Hostels?

In mostly all travelers’ to-do-list, Tokyo is the top place they would want to visit. If you’re traveling to Japan on a tight budget then these cheap hostels below are ones to consider. There are just a lot of things to do, to see and to visit. The travelers indeed need to be prepared. In this guide, we will help you choose the top 5 hostels in Tokyo for the ultimate Tokyo experience.


Amazing Hostels to Choose From

Bunka Hostel Tokyo


This hotel is definitely a must visit since we, my girlfriend and I, had an amazing stay here. The location of the hostel is great with all those helpful and friendly people. Strategically located in Asakusa, the hotel is also surrounded by restaurants, convenience stores and more. Even those who have stayed here would affirm of the friendly staff and the secure floors. The bedding arrangements are made to be more private and are more comfortable. We appreciated that there were lockers to store our valuables and the morning breakfast was good and cheap. Its location is what makes the place really different from the rest as it is closer to the station and to the popular Senso-ji. When we come back to Tokyo, this will be on the top of our list.


For travelers like you who definitely would want to experience the good sounds and insights of Tokyo, Kaisu Hotel is just the right choice for you. The in-depth knowledge of the staff about the Akasaka area just amazed us both. A simple Western breakfast was included as well as toiletries such as shampoo and body wash. This was originally a traditional Japanese restaurant or a ryotei with those performing geishas. It was then converted into a hostel with a bar and a café; thus, ryotel.

At Kaisu hotel, it is just a fifteen-minute ride train ride from almost anywhere. There are also popular destinations nearby such as Aoyama, Roppongi, Tokyo Midtown and National Art Center. You would most definitely love the idea of visiting Tokyo with a good hotel to stay in.

Irori Hostel and Kitchen

The Hostel and Kitchen features its terrace, free Wi-Fi and food accommodations to visitors and guests in Tokyo. This is amazing in a sense that it is a hub between Japan’s countryside and Urban city. I’m guessing that their name stemmed from the irori (a Japanese traditional cooking sunken hearth/fireplace). Travelers from all walks of life would gather around the irori and converse and eat. I could personally say that I did enjoy my stay here and the best part was my girlfriend and I loved cooking together everyday. Irori Hostel is also well-placed in the shopping area, restaurants and sightseeing area of Tokyo City.

Book and Bed Tokyo

The best experience of reading a book while staying in a hostel is brought to us as we visited Tokyo. Book and Bed Tokyo is definitely a must-try and that is why we recommend you stay here, at least for a night. Access is just a few minutes away from Ikebukuro Station. This is a space made so comfortable that it’s just impossible for you to leave. The bunk came with a small locker, free earplugs (safety from loud snorers), a lamp and sockets so that I could charge my iPhone. Staff and tourists are cheerful and the cheap dorms come at a great price. Such a book-shop themed accommodation and free Wi-Fi complete the ambiance and you will love this hotel.


This on-site restaurant is definitely a must for you to visit. The rooms around are perfect as they include a seating area for your ease and convenience. Our experience at Zabutton was satisfying as the features around include a sun terrace, a restaurant and free Wi-Fi. There are a wide range of meals and sweet cakes offered that you would most certainly enjoy. Even those who are looking for a mid-day break can just kick back and lounge on the terrace. A plus to this hostel is that it’s walking distance to Roppongi, Tokyo Tower and Shiba park.

With great savings on any of the hostels mentioned above, including good availability, there’s not much hesitation for you in choosing. Find out where of these top 5 Hostels in Tokyo you would like to stay!


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