5 of the Coolest Love Hotels in and Around Shibuya


In Tokyo, couples could enjoy their stay, spend some quality time together and be more in love with each other. The choices are almost limitless when it comes to the coolest love hotels ever. These are in fact fine establishments that welcome every guest and meet their guaranteed satisfaction. Surely, you will love to also take the time to read on below for more information about Shibuya love-themed hotels.


Ideal Choices of the Coolest Love Hotels for the Most Romantic Couples

Beat Wave

Beat Wave is mainly located in the central part of Shibuya right on the Dogenzaka slope. This is primarily known for its other name, “Love Hotel Hill”.

Being a music-themed hotel, this is just intended for the upbeat crowd. The images of the singers will greet you and will simply amaze, with all the lit images that are reflected on the walls. Actually, this is intended for all music fans, as rooms are equipped with a fun karaoke set that will fulfill you and your love’s fantasies.


Hotel Sunreon

This is the best hotel of your choice providing for some of the cheapest rooms in the central area. The one thing that I loved about this place, especially because I was with my girlfriend is that the check-out time is not until one in the afternoon. This is quite late for any love hotel since many bid you goodbye as early as ten in the morning. It is just slightly more decorated than the average hotel with a bright neon sign to show you the way.

Hotel Two-Way

Hotel Two-Way is definitely a good choice for a love hotel. This is modestly named Two-Way because it stands out from the rest of those hotels with room selection and inspired décor items.

Special Room number 405 is also intended as a party room with karaoke machines, beds and without any limit on the guest numbers. This is indeed a perfect hotel for an innocent and fun night out with couples and with friends. When we go back to Shibuya, we will try this one out again for its uniqueness and certain charm.


Hotel Luxe Ebisu

This is mainly available for a romantic accommodation that’s extravagantly themed with Wi-Fi, movies and music. If  we were given a chance to visit Shibuya the next time around, we would most definitely frequent this hotel and stay here again.

My girlfriend says that the best part about this place is the Rainbow Blower Bath in all rooms. As the name suggests, the bath lights up in rainbow colors, enveloping your with fine bubbles to soothe your body from wandering around Tokyo all day.

It is no wonder that many put Hotel Luxe at the top of their accommodation list.

Hotel SK Plaza in Shibuya

This is just very welcoming as a love-themed hotel. It gives you a resort feel and has over 80 rooms which makes it very different from the rest. The availability and details of the hotels’ interior and rooms are just enough for you to give it a try.

They continue to update their popular amusement rooms with various styles and themes which made our decision to choose a hard one. Access is superb as it’s just a 7min walk from Shibuya Station.


Truly, the love hotels are great for those couples who want to enjoy their stay around Shibuya. You will most certainly impressed by the facilities, amenities and a whole lot more.

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