Best Love Hotel in Shinjuku―Options to Keep an Eye On


Are you one of those who want to treat your girlfriend or wife to the best love hotel in Shinjuku? Remember that there is not much that could beat an extraordinary trip to Tokyo. The varieties of the best love themed hotel accommodations surely will impress you. Your destination is also set up for the wildest and the best adventures. There are simply a lot of options to keep an eye on. Just be patient, keep an open mind and do your research.


Love Hotels to Get You Started

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku


For couples and lovers out there, the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is definitely a must-try hotel for you and your girlfriend to visit. Actually, I had a very good experience along with my girlfriend for it simply offers a unique ambience and more. This is a weird but interesting themed hotel as there’s a hotel terrace on the 8th floor where you can view the giant Godzilla outside. Available for rent is also a Godzilla view room where you can experience the realism at its finest. This hotel is simply accommodating and satisfies all your needs. Not to mention that the location is just a 5 min walk to Shinjuku Station.


With a hotel name you will never forget, The Hotel the Hotel in Shinjuku, Kabukicho is only a 10 min walk from Shinjuku station. It would appeal justly to your senses and requirements as it’s a very nice hotel to look at and indeed has an amazing atmosphere. For sure, couples like us would be thrilled in discovering the differences that this hotel makes among others. Rooms are not as spacious as some of the other love hotels but modern and different. Opening its doors in August of 2015, the rooms are innovative and individually designed, equipped with DVD, Blu-ray, a 50″ TV and also Video on Demand.

Shinjuku Kabukicho Love Hotel

This is simply the nicest love hotel to find in Shinjuku. Having a nicer reception and accommodation area is what sets it apart from the rest. It is also just easy for couples to walk around and feel comfortable in Tokyo. Among the amenities to find here include free wine, massage chairs, a comfortable sofa and a whole lot more. Shinjuku Kabukicho is also mainly surrounded by green plants and water and guests staying here cannot help but be amazed by it all. The rooms are also quite spacious with a big bed and a huge television screen that shows the pictures of the sea.

Other Love Hotels in Shinjuku you Will Never Forget:

Hotel Forsion

This has been the top choice of ours since the second time we visited Shinjuku, as we had already chose this as our option. It’s a recently modeled hotel turned into a unique designer’s love hotel. The hotel is very stylish and comes with trendy rooms including a Jacuzzi. The well-stocked toiletries and mood lighting just adds to its strengths. PS3 and Nintendo Wii could be rented by couples for free. This will simply add to the excitement and fun for you as couples or with a group of friends. They also provide you a nice complimentary breakfast for your stay, even for several days if you so please. The rooms for VIP are also available and perfect, for they have a sweet outdoor bath.

Hotel & Spa PASHA

The rooms at this hotel are carefully designed in making you feel like you are special and noble. The different themes of the rooms include Western style, Japanese or Asian-resort style. The rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi tubs poviding nice toiletries and a TV. They also have a stone and hot sauna, private gardens, steam-sauna and a dry-sauna. The varieties of drink and food menus just make the breakfast even more enticing.

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