10 of the Coolest Love Hotels in and Around Tokyo


Tokyo is one of the most modern cities around the globe. And while people from all walks of life come here to have fun, one may wonder what hotels to look for if you are in love. Well, you will not be forced into the normal hotel if you want to be adventurous with your love life.


Guide to the Top Tokyo Love Hotels

We have a list of 10 of the best love hotels to look out for.

1. Water Hotel Cy
When you enter this hotel, you will be greeted by an aura that will make your heart (if hearts smile). Do not worry about the prices since they are among the lowest on the market. Enjoy what you can in the hotel given its many facilities for singles, couples and groups. If you want, you can bring along the party for a night of an experience you will live to tell. One thing that this hotel stands out for is the selection of champagne. The varieties here are like nothing else in Tokyo.

2. Hotel Famy
The Hotel Famy is not strictly for those with love adventures in mind. As a matter of fact, one can use it as a hotel in the normal way with friends and loved ones. Let that not fool you into thinking that you cannot have the best time of your life when in this hotel. The experience here is among the very best as far as love hotels are concerned given that the risks are thrown out of the window when you enter.

3. Design Hotel Iroha
This hotel is among the latest crop of hotels coming up with great ideas on the love issue. When you book for accommodation here, you have a wide array of choices to choose from including rooms for couples, groups or even alter groups. The price is also very reasonable given that the ambiance afforded can be rarely replicated by other hotels. Visit this hotel and have the best time of your life with your loved ones.

4. Hotel Sulata
The Hotel Sulata offers the coolest combinations of modern and traditional perspectives on the subject of love. If you need to enjoy yourself in a place only seen in the movies and other areas, this is your hotel of choice. Keep in mind that the hotel had the best of whatever adventurous activity you could think of whether a couple or a group people ready to do their thing. You also get discounted prices.

5. Kuchinashijo Togenkyo Atsugi
If you want a pure Japanese experience in your love life, look no further than this hotel. You will have all you need for your love adventures with a touch of Japanese magic that will live in your memories for years to come. Besides the unique Japanese experience, you will have a great price on your bookings. The best part about this hotel is that going to it is an experience in itself. It is also located a good distance from civilization for privacy.

6. Hotel Two-Way
When you make a booking at Hotel Two-Way, you will be assured of a great time with those you care about. Room 405 has some the best services such as a karaoke machine and enough space to hold a party. The hotel does not place any restrictions on the types of couples that are allowed to visit. Come one come all as they say. When you have such a great hotel at a price that is hard to beat, you have no excuse being elsewhere.

7. Geihinkan
One of the oldest names in the love hotel business is the Geihinkan which has been in operation since the early 1960s. Do not let the time period fool you for this hotel offers the best experience in whatever love adventure you have. It has been a classic leading hotel ever since it was founded. The price for accommodation is like nothing you can find elsewhere in Tokyo and beyond.

8. Hotel Atlas
This is one of the best love hotels in Tokyo in terms of the provisions on offer. No matter the kind of coupe, or group that needs accommodation, the Hotel Atlas is your first choice. It has many things on offer including free wifi, karaoke and other amenities. Better yet, you will have a very great price when using this hotel compared to the rest. All types of couples are welcome here whether same-sex or heterosexual.

Upon hearing of this hotel, you will be mistaken into thinking it is just another hotel in the city of Tokyo. However, when you look around, you will see why HOTEL & SPA PASHA resort is among the most famous love hotels in the whole of Tokyo. With 54 classic and modern Japanese-style rooms to comfort you from the minute you set foot here. Rooms are equipped with a sauna, WiFi, karaoke and also a massage chair. Our room came with an open-ceiling bath where we could stare up into the romantic starry sky. It’s just beautiful.

10. Hotel Meguro Emperor
Hotel Meguro Emperor lives up to its name in terms of the services offered. Look out for the great looking bathrooms and other facilities when you step into this hotel with a loved one. Again, no one puts a restriction on the type of couple that walks into the hotel. You can be straight or gay or a group and all will be well. There are many facilities such as the Internet, the karaoke machine and just about anything you can think of to make it worth your time.

The coolest love hotels of Tokyo are famous all over the world for their ambiance and the way they can offer the best experience when one pays them a visit. Having been there, I can attest to the fact that the online reviews do them no justice as they are way better than they are portrayed to be. You have to experience this to judge for yourself.

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