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The historic city of Kyoto offers many incredible attractions that have been in place for centuries. Over the past couple of years, my girlfriend and I have traveled extensively to Kyoto to see the marvelous sites and have stayed in different luxury hotels to find the best experience in the city. Here are the 8 best luxury hotels in Kyoto based on our experience.


Kyoto’s Luxury Living

Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Located within immediate access to Kyoto Station, this is easily the most convenient luxury hotel in all of Kyoto. You can make your rail connections quickly which means that you can explore the city and beyond at your convenience. Guests at Hotel Granvia can unwind in the steam room or hot tub and the interior of the hotel features over 1000 artwork pieces. What separates this luxury hotel from most of the rest are the large rooms and the many different restaurants that my girlfriend and I have enjoyed which are within walking distance of the hotel itself.

Hotel Kanra Kyoto

Just south of the Gojo Subway Station, we found the rooms in the hotel to be spacious and comfortable. What makes this hotel neat is how the Japanese theme is woven into every aspect of the atmosphere and amenities. Tourists can visit the Nijo Temple, Nishiki Market and experience the culture nearby. It’s little wonder that this hotel is so popular thanks to its location and setting.

Hotel Mume

Unlike many other luxury hotels in Kyoto, this one is more of an intimate boutique-style setting that is found in Gion, one of the most visited areas in the city. If you love the outdoors then this is the hotel to stay at, as it’s set alongside the Shirakawa River and mountainous ranges. My girlfriend noted that the location itself is perfect for catching this wonderful part of Kyoto and the hotel itself manages to be everything you want it to be when it comes to amenities and style.

Hyatt Regency Kyoto

It’s natural to assume that this hotel may be the best in all of Kyoto and we were right. The Hyatt Regency brings with it all the modern amenities that you expect in a luxury hotel experience. Plus, my girlfriend and I were pleasantly surprised that everything offered came at a reasonable rate. There’s a top class sushi bar and Italian restaurant on premises that travelers should definitely try. If you are having trouble selecting which luxury hotel is right for you, the Hyatt Regency should be the obvious choice.

Westin Miyako Kyoto Hotel

A wonderful location near the subway system, we have stayed here a couple of times to see the marvelous sites in the Higashiyama area. Some of the rooms have phenomenal views over the city and are just minutes away from downtown Kyoto. If time permits, try the Westin salon & spa that will refresh your body and mind after a long flight. This is a great luxury hotel for those who love this area in Kyoto.

Kyoto Brighton Hotel

Located not far from the famed Kyoto Gosho, the Brighton Hotel boasts excellent accommodations all for a reasonable price. Opening in 1988, this prestigious hotel is conveniently located by Niji-jo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Garden and the Manga Museum. You’ll find everything you want here when staying in this remarkable setting, wonderful staff, and the excellent restaurant which we found to be one of the best in the city.

Kyoto Hotel Okura

If you are looking for a great luxury hotel located in the downtown region, then this one is for you. Located in the heart of the city, guests are treated to easy access to shopping, sightseeing and restaurants. In fact, the hotel itself is connected to the subway system which means that you can get to any location in the city in a reasonable time using this efficient low-priced transportation system. Plus, the hotel itself comes with many desirable amenities.

Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

The very name oozes luxury and this hotel has enjoyed considerable success since its opening. Guests can use the complimentary Wi-Fi , 24 hour fitness center and the stunning indoor swimming pool. The Nespresso coffee machine provided was a nice touch and wonderful in the morning. My girlfriend and I have only stayed at Ritz-Carlton Kyoto once, but it was a very enjoyable one thanks to the rooms, amenities, and service which we hope to enjoy again soon.

The 8 best luxury hotels in Kyoto highlight why this city has garnered such a special reputation with tourists from around the world.

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