Top 10 Cheap Hotels in Shinjuku Tokyo


Shinjuku is the epicenter of Tokyo’s culture and continues to thrive today. There are so many different attractions to check out, and that is why my girlfriend and I decided to visit this fun district in Tokyo. The most notable is Shinjuku Station that serves over 3.5 million passengers daily, which is the largest number in Japan. We went searching for the best cheap hotels in Shinjuku to settle in before doing more explorations of the city.


Stay in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the best places to stay in Tokyo and it is not hard to see why. Apart from convenient transportation, there are plenty of cheap restaurants, entertainment, shops and cafes in the area. We’ve stayed in Shinjuku many times and found that it’s much less frenetic than neighboring cities in Japan, making it an ideal place for travelers.

Top 10 Hotels in Shinjuku Tokyo

Here are some of our picks for affordable accommodations

1. Hotel Tateshina
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesBesides being seriously affordable, it is also quite convenient as the hotel allows you to check out at noon rather than the usual 10am. Rooms are of decent size, and the hotel is quiet, clean and well-maintained. The front desk is fluent in English and helpful with tourists needing directions. Breakfast time is from 7am to 9am and is not included. The Japanese set (870 yen per person) is healthy and delicious with rice, grilled fish, miso soup and an egg. Wi-Fi is available everywhere, including in the rooms and basic supplies like toothbrushes and shampoo are provided.

2. Shinjuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesIf you are looking for cheap hotels in Shinjuku, then you will enjoy these capsule hotels as much as we did. Besides being great for the price, you will not want to spend more than a few nights here due to the space limitations. Don’t be surprised though, as there’s a communal shower area much like Japanese onsen bathhouses. The staff spoke English and were very welcoming. Free Wi-Fi is offered throughout the hotel and we noticed it was lagging, just during peak usage times. The capsules were large enough to not feel claustrophobic and you’re supplied a locker, corresponding to your capsule number. Capsule hotels are recommended for those travelling on a very tight budget and want to be in the heart of Tokyo.

3. Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesThis is an excellent, tidy and clean hotel located a short distance away to the Higashi Shinjuku Metro Station, which gave us easy access to the whole city. The location in itself was very convenient and had easy access to the subway station. Bars, nightclubs and even the famous Robot Restaurant is nearby. The rooms and bathroom were kind of cramped but keep in mind that it is a standard size in Tokyo. You are in Tokyo to explore, so don’t hole yourself up inside the hotel.

4. Ace Inn Shinjuku
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesWith helpful English speaking staff and a great location just within 100m from the Akebonobashi Subway Station, this accommodation option is perfect. This place has a nice common area on the 9th floor which you can meet and converse with other guests. Wi-Fi is good and they also have computers in the lobby area. There is also a handy convenience store located just opposite the hostel. Be warned that some beds do have charging points nearby, while others did not. We found that the issued lockers were small, beds were big and once inside, the curtain provided enough privacy. Ace Inn provides great value for your money and the staff are very courteous.

5. Shinjuku Washington Hotel Main
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesThe best thing about this hotel is that it is located in a commercial district, which is easily accessible to train, shopping, buses, and general urbanized locations. We liked the ability to visit many places on foot from this hotel. The hotel staff were very friendly and helpful in answering all our sightseeing questions. On the ground floor, there is a 24hr Family Mart for late night snacking and needs. It’s also very accessible from Narita, as the Airport Limousine Bus stops directly in front of the entrance. Even though this hotel is situated in Shinjuku, it’s on the quieter side of town, away from all the hustle and bustle. And a short 15min walk takes you to Shinjuku JR line.

6. Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesLocated next to the governmental and business district, they have everything that you need, including a comfortable bed, pillow, fast internet and air purifier among others. There are several convenience stores and supermarkets in and around the area. The housekeeping staff does a wonderful job of keeping the rooms exceptionally clean everyday. If you plan to stay at this hotel, you must try their very popular wood pizza restaurant located in the lobby.

7. E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesConveniently located a short distance from the main district center, this hotel has easy access to many attractions around the city. What we liked most about E Hotel is that it’s located right in front of Higashi Shinjuku station. There’s also a nearby Daiso, numerous shops and places to dine, which is a bonus. Laundry services are provided, as well as bathrobes, toiletries and 2 free bottles of water. Storage room for luggage is minimal but otherwise, a nice place to stay in expensive Tokyo at an affordable rate.

8. Shinjuku Prince Hotel
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesThis hotel excels at maximizing the minimal space and is only a few mins away from Shinjuku Station. It feels vibrant, and the fabulous view from the higher floors is simply breathtaking. However, get a room that faces away from the railway or prepare for some noise and interruptions. Beds were quite firm and the room was cozy and clean. There are some interesting attractions nearby that you should definitely visit, such as the Samurai Museum and Robot Restaurant.

9. Shinjuku New City Hotel
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesWith a great breakfast buffet that has numerous options including Western dishes, this is one of those hotels in Shinjuku that you should keep in mind. The rooms are spacious and well furnished, although we found the beds a little firmer than we liked. The New City Hotel is showing its age but compensates for this with its charm and outstanding service. For some reason, many hotels in Japan have very strict rules about the check-in time, and this hotel is no different. The facilities include bathroom supplies, a mini-fridge, TV and coffee/tea. There are many restaurants just a short distance away and the best part is there’s a free shuttle to the train station, every 20 mins. If you’re after a budget hotel, you won’t beat their prices, location and service.

10. Via Inn Shinjuku
best,cheap,hotels,shinjuku,couplesThe location of the hotel is great for shopping, dining and business in the area while still maintaining low accommodation costs. It is highly recommended for both business and also pleasure. Guests staying at this hotel receive a free breakfast that is served on the second floor from 7am to 9:30am. It was quite ordinary but we thought the homemade bread was simply delicious. Rooms were standard size for Tokyo. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the heated toilets seats in the bathroom and if you’ve never tried one before it’s really comfy, especially during winter.

The one thing that we found with the best cheap hotels in Shinjuku, Tokyo is that you need to book in advance. This helps you avoid a situation where the hotels are fully booked and also guarantees better rates.

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