Top 5 Capsule Hotels in Shibuya for You to Visit


Shibuya is truly the center for culture and youth fashion. It’s also the most innovative with their selections of Capsule hotels. After experiencing the nightlife and entertainment here, you’ll need a place to stay. How about you save time and money by renting these pod-like capsules just big enough for you to move about? I love Shibuya as it’s one of the busiest and most colorful districts packed with dining, shopping and nightclubs that serve a lot of visitors who come to visit the every day.


5 Interesting Capsule Hotels to Choose From

The Capsule Hotels below are all worth consideration, if you are planning to visit Shibuya. My girlfriend and I have tried the ones from this list which makes our experience totally worth remembering. Sometimes we are together and other times when I travel alone, then I stay at the male only capsules.

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya


Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is impressive in its littlest detail and especially because of its wonderful atmosphere. It also has its beautiful charm and clean décor, not to mention that the bathhouse is amazing.

What my girlfriend enjoyed is the tatami lounge that is filled with PCs, wifi, tea and snacks. The staff accommodated to all her needs and that adds to its strong points. The pillows provided were also comfortable while the open bath is very relaxing and extremely comforting. The capsule beds are also relatively spacious and the charging port just makes it more impressive.

With its good amenities, yummy snacks and green tea Kit Kats including Wi-Fi coverage, your stay will definitely be different.

Century Shibuya


This capsule hotel is interesting to stay at due to its small-sized rooms. The impressive thing about this place is that it is clean enough and in addition to that, there is a free public bath which provides a unique Japanese experience.

The room doesn’t provide a lock but the staff at Century Shibuya will provide you with a small locker for your valuables. Truly, this gives you a nice and interesting experience that makes your stay worry free.

There’s definitely a reason for you to try the famed hotel capsule experience in Japan here. In fact, others have considered it as an excellent location at a very affordable price. Nevertheless, this is just intended for men but it is safe, quiet and clean.

Hotel Siesta


Hotel Siesta is indeed a good place to stay for two nights or more. As per the capsules, they are pretty small yet are still tall enough that you could sit up. The beds are comfortable and there are pillows and blankets provided as well.

If you’re on a budget this the obvious choice as capsule rooms start from 3,500 yen per person, per night. There is simply no other capsule hotel that you will find that offers this value for the price. With a quiet and clean environment, you will more than likely give approval.

We recommend this hotel as access is only a 1min walk away from Ebisu Station.

Capsule Inn Shibuya


This place is mainly available for you to stay in Shibuya, Tokyo. It is no wonder that partners choose one room but for double occupancy. Capsule Inn Shibuya is perfectly located as it’s actually nearby Omotesando, Hachiko, Shibuya and NHK Studiopark. You will surely be happy when you choose this one.

Capsule Hotel Shibuya (for Men Only)


This mainly offers you with quality accommodation in terms of the restaurant, shopping and nightlife. Being picked by both leisure and business travelers alike, guests will enjoy an ease of access to this hotel. It is just a pleasure to tour the city’s attractions with this good hotel to return to for slumber.

Now, you have learned more about the top 5 capsule hotels in Shibuya. In Tokyo, space is still at a minimal but for the budget prices it still brings comfort and convenience for all travelers! Everyone should try sleeping in a capsule hotel at least once in their lifetime, unless you’re claustrophobic.

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