Where to Stay in Osaka – Peace and Quiet Away from the City


Osaka is the third largest city in Japan, but it has not enjoyed a great reputation for being a tourist attraction. However, my girlfriend and I have discovered several wonders in the city if you know where to stay in Osaka. The people of this great city are warm, friendly, and there are plenty of attractions.


Accommodation in Osaka 

Here are some of the different types of places to stay in Osaka.


Located on the south side of central Osaka, the area is brimming with activity. You’ll find plenty of things to do within walking distance of the hotel itself. The Kuromon Ichiba Market is very close and you can enjoy the over 200 delicacies that it provides. Plus, as my girlfriend can attest, the shopping is incredible as you can find a myriad of products. The two best hotels in the area:

– Asahiplaza Shinsaibashi Capsule Hotel


– Swissotel Nankai

The Asahiplaza is a capsule hotel that is relatively cheap, but you can find a private dorm for a little more money. The Swissotel is more glamorous and offers individual rooms, swimming pool, sauna, and gym. It’s more expensive, but more comfortable.

Bay Area

Do not expect beaches or spectacular sights. However, there are plenty of parks, shrines, and temples to visit in this remarkable area. Universal Studios is a great tourist attraction that my girlfriend and I have enjoyed visiting. Two of the better places to stay include the following:

– Hotel Osaka Bay Tower


– Park Front Hotel

The Bay Tower offers an impressive view of the city and great attractions that are located just a few minutes away. The Park Front is located at Universal Studios so it is the perfect place to stay if you are going to visit that location.


When it comes to where to stay in Osaka, the southeastern part of the city around the Tennoji Station offers a myriad of attractions. Naturally, shopping is the big attraction in this area and Tennoji has maintained its traditional appearance. Two of the best places to stay include the following:

– Guesthouse Tennoji


– Tennoji Miyako Hotel

With a dorm room under 3,000 yen, the Guesthouse is a very cheap place to stay. Yet it’s comfortable and perfectly located. The Miyako Hotel is more expensive, but reasonably priced and is found in front of Tennoji Station for easy access. My girlfriend and I have stayed more than once here.


This is the north section of downtown Osaka where the main shopping district is located. My girlfriend and I have spent many hours shopping in this location. However, you must visit the Umeda Sky Building deck to see a good part of the city. The two best places to stay are:

– J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse


– Ritz-Carlton

J-Hoppers is dirt-cheap and you must share the bathrooms, but we found it to be a great place to stay. You save money on accommodations while having more to spend on goods. However, the Ritz-Carlton is an attraction unto itself and when going in style, this is the perfect place to rest and recuperate.

Knowing where to stay in Osaka starts with knowing where you want to go in the city. My girlfriend and I have truly enjoyed our stays in these locations.

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