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Roppongi is one of the neighborhoods in Tokyo that never ceases to draw the attention of the world. At the moment, it is among the most sought out areas in Tokyo. Whether you live here or you are just paying it a visit, you may need a few drinks in a bar to gather your thoughts. There are many bars of repute here and one can be spoilt of choices.


Drinking at Roppongi Bars

Here, we have a list of 10 of the best bars to visit in Roppongi.

1. Hobgoblin
It is no wonder that Hobgoblin has laid a claim on the biggest British bar in the whole of Tokyo. You will need to see it to believe it for yourself. As a matter of fact, being here was like being in a London bar sipping away on some beer from Scotland. Even the swagger of the place is British by all means. We had a lot of fun walking in and faking a British accent and were pleasantly surprised when brought the best tasting brew from the land of the Queen.

2. Bar Quest
Bar Quest has a reputation for offering an Australian culture that many people from the country will love. If you love everything Down Under like the Australian beer, the food and jokes, head over to Bar Quest. It is friendly and has been lauded as one of the most important bars for people from all walks of life. You can still find the major beer and wine brands here and the music is dynamic. It has good views for people watching, if you happen to find seats by the window.

3. Tokyo Sports Cafe
The Tokyo Sports Cafe offers a mix of Japanese and international treats in terms of food, drinks, and the music. It is a favorite of many celebrities so you could catch an autograph or two while sipping away on your favorite drink. Keep in mind that the place is way more than a simple bar. It has much more to offer. Better yet, you will have some of the most famous tunes played all night long.

4. Shot Bar Propaganda
So much for the name, but Shot Bar Propaganda is among the best bars in the whole of Roppongi. Everything you need is all here. From the music to the drinks to the various cuisines, it is all here. You will love the experience afforded by the bartender and the bar in general. You can try out the concoctions in every type of spirit you might think of. Some of the local flavors have become our favorites.

5. Abbey Road
Abbey Road is named after the famous album by The Beatles. It is a mix of modern and traditional approaches to the city life that Tokyo can offer. You will enjoy many things here including the live bands that will play music very similar to what The Beatles used to belt out. The drinks are also at their best besides the friendly bartenders and everything on offer. Sing along and enjoy the live music to the max.

6. Wall Street House
Wall Street House is created with the look of an urban New York bar with everything to go with it. Some of the drinks here are among the most popular all over the globe. It is favored by the elite and the working class people who unwind from time to time in the bar. The bar is customized with the same aura you would find on Wall Street, in the city of New York.

7. Agave
If you’re a big fan of tequila, like me, this is the place to go to. It’s mindboggling how many options they have to choose from. Unlike most places on this list, Agave is  quiet inside especially on the weekdays and is a great place to take a date. This place is dark and romantic so having a conversation is a breeze. Don’t settle on 1 type of tequila, get the starter choice and sample plenty!


8. Bar Milwaukee
If you’re on a date, need beer while living the Wild West lifestyle, Bar Milwaukee is your next destination. It has a lot of American cultural items and the music is even good old country music. The experience here is one of a kind especially the food which has an American touch. Finding something to feast on here, in Roppongi of American origin, in a foreign land is no easy task.

9. Geronimo Shot Bar
The Geronimo Shot Bar has the Native American aura that you will rarely find in uptown Tokyo. The owners of the bar here have given it the very best of American tradition. You will find your favorite Native American steaks, drinks and music right here. It does not, however, mean that it is all Native American throughout. In fact, you have everything you need right here even if you ordered a scotch.

10. Hub British Pub
The Hub British Pub offers the best of British beer, food and experience. When here, you shall have an experience that will differ little from what a typical bar in London will offer. Most of the beer here is a mix of traditionally British drinks with international brands. Given that it is found right in the middle of Roppongi, it has a classic touch of Japanese drinks, food and just about everything needed to have a good time. Ask for anything, even if not of a British origin.

There is nothing as lovely as a great bar, on a clear evening in a beautiful neighborhood such as Roppongi. My experience led me to believe that you can enjoy the very best of everything when you have landed in Roppongi and are looking for a bar. These are ten of the best. You can find more but nothing will beat the ones on our list.

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