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There are many advantages to living near Shibuya in Tokyo and one of them is the number of excellent bars and clubs in the area. Over the past year, my girlfriend and I have been to several of the bars in the area and decided to make a list of the best ones based on drink selection, atmosphere, service, and price.


Where Are The Best Drink Bars in Shibuya?

Tokyo is typically well known to be a very hard city to navigate. Streets and alleys seemingly take you in circles and roads are not mapped out like abroad. Sometimes this is a plus as you’ll stumble across an out of the way bar that you wouldn’t have frequented otherwise. We’ve done the homework for you and while many bars came close to making our list, here is what we feel are the five best bars in Shibuya.

Top 5 Shibuya Bars

1. Bar Flat

best,beer,bars,drink,shibuyaThis is the bar I went to when graduating college and it is still a favorite. You must pay a small cover charge, but that includes all the snacks you want to eat. If there is a single aspect about Bar Flat that stands out, it’s that they serve the best Moscow Mules I’ve ever tasted. We had these to complement the delicious homemade pizza for 1000 yen. The service is top notch which is why this bar makes our list.

Location: 2 Chome-30-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6300-9825

2. Caesarion

best,beer,bars,drink,shibuyaThis is somewhat upscale, even for us as they have a dress code which require men to be in dress shirts. Having said that, it’s the perfect place to get a good drink after work. What I really like about this place is the nice atmosphere and the classic drinks that are served by the owner. He also has a few original concoctions of his own which my girlfriend likes to try when she’s in the mood for something new.

Location: 1 Chome-33-16 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 151-0064
Phone: 03-3485-2907

3. Goodbeer Faucets

best,beer,bars,drink,shibuyaAs the name suggests, you can find over 40 beers on draft at this bar all thanks to the many “faucets” used to dispense them. It’s really a fun, but casual place that is perfect for getting a quick beer before catching a movie or after finishing dinner at a nearby restaurant. Try the numerous selection of house beers made exclusively for this establishment. My girlfriend likes the fact that a numbered card will tally up the fees instead of the normal tab. It does close a bit early, but frankly it’s one of the best.

Location: 1-29-1 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CROSSROADS 2F
Phone: 03-3770-5544

4. MINT Shibuya

best,beer,bars,drink,shibuyaLet’s face it, it’s not really about the beer when it comes to the MINT being a great bar, it’s about the games. This is a small bar that encourages you to play card games or trading baseball cards while sipping a beer. My girlfriend and I sometimes gather players and we often will hook up with friends and play a few matches at the MINT. If you visit this place often then apply for the Mint Members Card point program to receive gift certificates to use for products.
Business hours:
Weekdays 3:30pm ~ 11:00am
Saturdays 2:30pm ~ 11:00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays 2:30pm ~ 10:00pm

Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Dogenzaka 2-29-18 Shimizu building 2F, 150-0043
Phone: 03-6277-5205

5. Sasagin

best,beer,bars,drink,shibuyaI like to take visitors who live in America to this place for the great atmosphere and because the drink menus are also in English. This is the place if you love sake and local spirits which reflect much more of Japanese culture than most other bars and clubs could ever hope to do. My girlfriend will often take her friends to this place and I don’t blame her, it’s a great bar.

Location1 Chome-32-15 Uehara, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0064
Phone: 03-5454-3715

If you are looking for the best bars in Shibuya, then you cannot go wrong with these five. My girlfriend and I have had a wonderful time in each bar and look forward to our next visit.

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