Coolest Rides at Tokyo DisneySea

Every visit to Tokyo is unique, but the reality is that you can’t visit this magnificent city without checking out Tokyo DisneySea. This is the perfect place you should enjoy while visiting Tokyo because it has just about anything for everyone. There’s only one in the world and the greatest thing about it is that you can easily access some of the Coolest Rides at Tokyo DisneySea at a reasonable price. Plus, the thrill is real and the experience is second to none!


Amazing Tokyo DisneySea Rides That You’ll Never Forget

Toy Story Mania


I love Toy Story Mania because it stays true to its origins. This is one ride you shouldn’t miss because the interactive games and 3D projections are truly engaging.

You have many of the Toy Story characters and the entire ride as a whole can be seen as a massive complex of fun. Being one of the most popular rides at DisneySea, expected wait times can be up to 2-3 hours, so my advice would be to grab a fastpass first thing in the morning.

It’s definitely worth your time and your money. My girlfriend thoroughly enjoyed it and kids that love Toy Story will have a blast here. It’s a very friendly ride suitable for all ages.

Journey to the Center of the Earth


I expected this one to be very cool, but this ride blew me away. They do stand up to the name, and that’s why you will enjoy this ride unlike any other. Aside from the regular speed and thrills, the simple fact that you end up exploring a representation of our planet’s depths is enticing.

You can expect to travel through darkness with heat, lava and caverns into the heart of a volcano. One gripe I had about this ride is that it was too short, nonetheless amazing!

My girlfriend almost jumped out of her seat, when the monster appeared but I won’t give too many details away as you should experience this one for yourself.

Caravan Carousel


It may not be the most visually impressive ride, nor the coolest, but my girlfriend and other tourists seemed to like it a lot. The massive Carousel holds up to 190 riders and is a double-decker, so make sure you ride at the top.

Dating couples will find this ride pretty romantic watching the sunset from above. It’s more focused on serenity and is an interesting way to peruse the entire complex, plus you have lots of interesting sights, not to mention that you can see the other rides from afar.

DisneySea Electric Railway


Locals love the DisneySea Electric Railway because it takes you through various stages, locations and it’s just plain fun. Wait time is short as we were in line for only 10 minutes and you’ll probably want to do this at least once for the experience.

This electric railway is particularly interesting for adults since they can alleviate some stress and the trolley is designed to take you from the American Waterfront to Port Discovery while taking in the beautiful scenery of DisneySea. The unique vantage points are phenomenal, especially at night.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull


Just like the name suggests, I found this one to be quite the adventure. When you embark on a ride named Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, you can expect to receive just that, the adventurous feel that you just can’t see anywhere else. It really shines because you get to be a part of a very challenging ride that will make you scream!

The Aztec Temple’s interior is spectacular, so make sure you checkout all the rich details and carvings while waiting in queue. My girlfriend and I are roller coaster fanatics and this ride didn’t disappoint. You’ll see Mummies, snakes and skulls during your thrilling voyage through the tunnel. Just don’t get crushed by the massive boulder coming your way. In my opinion, this DisneySea ride is much better than the California Disneyland version.

Raging Spirits


Another roller coaster thrill ride with a lot of expectations. You have a region that seems taken from a Mayan history book and at the same time you will end up with lots to talk about. The exterior is marvelous, especially at night.

The best part about this ride is when you go through the 360-degree loop and the fog effects that accompany it. This ride is particularly short and if you don’t have time for both, choose Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull instead.

In conclusion, if you are interested in finding the coolest rides at Tokyo DisneySea, I believe my list will come in handy. This is a wondrous place to check out and it does offer you lots of great entertainment value for your money. Plus, each one of these rides is going to have fun, adventure and excitement in one single package. It’s certainly something you will always remember, so just check it out already!


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