15 Awesome Dating Spots in Tokyo


Having visited Tokyo on several occasions, I can attest to the fact that this city has a versatile yet unique combination of culture, beauty and scenes you will never see anywhere else on earth. If you are in Tokyo and there is love brewing, these spots are the best to head over to.


Romantic Date Spots in Tokyo

There is a lot one can enjoy once in Kichijoji. This park with a pond, has swan boats that will take you around as you enjoy yourselves. The walk and natural vegetation will ensure you will experience the best of the neighborhood with your better half. If you are superstitious, however, you will need to ask around about the swan boats.

Takeshiba has a lot in store for the lovebirds. The Manhattan rooftop bar is among the best places to be when out on a date. You will overlook city life below while having your romantic dinner. The experience at the rooftop bar is like nothing else you will experience in life. Other things to enjoy here include the various parks and recreational spots that have a unique cultural backing and modern architecture. Visiting this place was an experience I wish to relive over and over again and has stuck in our my minds for its beauty and ambiance.

Odaiba Island
This man-made island has been forged with the very best of sceneries in mind. In fact, when you are here, you will enjoy the sunrise, the sunset and everything else in between. The boardwalk will offer you scenes that you have never seen anywhere else. There are also many places to have dinner or coffee all over the island.

Roppongi Hills
The Roppongi Hills are among the most famous and beautiful places to visit in Tokyo. From the hills, one can see the township below and Tokyo Tower from a distance. When you are here, the two of you will enjoy long walks in the streets and parks that sprawl the area. Visit this place to explore their beauty.

Rikugien Gardens
All over the world, it is becoming more and more difficult coming across a natural park in the modern era. The Rikugien Gardens are the exception. When here, you will behold an awesome garden that has been praised in many ancient and modern poems for its beauty. Love is always in the air here.

Yebisu Garden Place
The Baccarat chandelier is the only one of its kind in the world. Each year, the chandelier and the Christmas tree are lit up to welcome those in a good spiritual mood. Walking under it has been compared to walking in a large cinema with the screen above you.

Sensoji Temple
The Sensoji Temple is a very popular place and being here will be one of the things you will always cherish as a couple. When the temple is washed and the glowing of lights lead into the evening, you will enjoy what you see. Definitely have your camera at the ready!

Tokyo Station
You will certainly love the pink walls especially when they are illuminated at night by the white lights. Tokyo Station was built in 1914 and has kept its looks with various dating spots all within it. If you want a secure and interesting place to start out your love life, nothing will beat Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower is created in the shape of the Eiffel Tower but trumps it by at least 13 meters. There are various levels from which you can view the skyline and the spectacular night views are out of this world. Keep your camera close by when you are with your loved one up there.

Yurakucho is a modern and traditional city that has gained repute for its urban lifestyle that most people on a date will love. Being here on some of the rooftop bars is akin to being atop the Eiffel Tower overlooking below.

Harajuku is a modern town that everyone will enjoy once they get there. If you are young and exploring the city of Tokyo, this is the first place you should start from given the dynamism of life both during the day and at night.

If you go to Ginza holding hands, you will come out grasping them even tighter. The area is home to a lot of the nightlife in Japan and the neighborhoods surrounding the area are among the best. Whether you are here for the daytime shopping, coffee shops or the life at night, you are in for a treat.

Meguro Station
Need quiet time (to sneak in the kisses) with your loved ones? Meguro Station is your place to go to. It has some waterways which never stops to amaze us when we go there. When the trees are flowering, you will have scenes only possible in the movies. It will be an experience that will only serve to draw you closer.

Omotesando Street
This famous street is a wonderful Zelkova tree-lined avenue with beautiful shops that will offer an experience like no other. You can take walks by the street or, better yet, walk into one for the shops and have some dinner. You can stay here the whole day as there is an activity for each period of the day.

Yokohama is one of the most dynamic places to visit in the city of Tokyo. When here, don’t miss out on the chance to walk by the seaside and take in what the beautiful city has on offer. The nightlife of Yokohama is also top notch and will see the two of you having the best of everything.

When visiting Tokyo for a date, you have endless opportunities and locations to choose from. The ones shown in here are some of the most awesome dating spots to look out for and to have the best moments of your life. Enjoy roaming around as much as you can.

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