The Best Karaoke Shops in Tokyo to Sing Your Heart Out

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If you have not yet traveled to Tokyo but plan to do so, you would have probably already heard many stories about the wild karaoke shops and their extremely diversified Japanese culture. From young college students to adults that are travelling for business, Tokyo has a lot to offer to everyone in terms of entertainment that isn’t common anywhere else in the world.


Let’s Rock at One of These Great Karaoke Shops in Tokyo

Japanese karaoke shops aren’t famous without reason. From waitresses dressed up as anime characters to karaoke in a hot tub, we’re going to be reviewing the best karaoke shops in Tokyo and details about what you can expect.

Karaoke Kan

karaoke shops, best karaoke, tokyo karaoke

We cannot talk about Tokyo Karaoke shops without mentioning this one. If you have ever watched “Lost in Translation” you know where this fame comes from and you probably would jump in a Japanese karaoke shop on your first night in Tokyo.

Karaoke Kan offers an excellent time for groups of friends of any size and age by providing a multitude of rooms you can rent for the night to sing karaoke music with your friends. These rooms aren’t all the same, and there are VIP rooms as well. They serve foods and drinks as well, so you don’t have to leave your friends to grab a few snacks.

Overall a very good time to have in Tokyo and a place to try out. Hint: Prices vary a lot if you’re going in the middle of the week versus renting a room on the weekend, so it is a good strategy to make plans with your friends to party together on a Monday night or something like that.

Access: Shibuya Metro on the Yamanote, Tokyu, Hanzomon and Fukutoshin lines
Address: 30-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3462-0785
Hours: open from 11am to 6am


karaoke shops, best karaoke, tokyo karaoke

Lovenet is extremely expensive compared to the other karaoke shops but if you’re not looking to save money and want an experience you won’t find anywhere else, it is the place to be. Lovenet is the karaoke shop with the most varied collection of eccentric rooms in the world. They have about 25 different types of rooms with their unique decorations.

There is the Arabian suite, the heaven suite which has a “Heaven” theme, the Ibiza suite which has the casino theme, Morocco suite and the very special Aqua suit which lets you sing music with your friends in an enormous hot tub. If you can afford it, my girlfriend and I can attest to the fact that is the most fun you’ll ever have, karaoking. There is even a room that supports about 100 people in the same suite.

Lovenet is truly unique but doesn’t come without an expensive cost, so it is not for everybody.

Access: Hibiya Line to Roppongi, exit 4A
Address: 7-14-4 Roppongi, Hotel Ibis, Minato 106-0032
Phone: 03-5771-5511
Hours: Open Mon-Wed 6pm-11pm and from Thurs-Sat 6pm-2am

Big Echo

karaoke shops, best karaoke, tokyo karaoke

A more traditional karaoke shop with shades of its own flavor. They have a big collection of rooms to offer and doesn’t come at an enormous cost to your wallet. Their price pool is very similar to Karaoke Kan and you have both the option of renting for 30 minutes or the rest of the night. There is something for everyone in Big Echo because of the variety and dedication into providing an excellent service.

The collection of rooms is usually sprinkled with custom decoration themed with popular anime and k-pop celebrities. Their music is focused more on their Japanese culture with anime songs and popular k-pop to sing along but popular western hits that are so common in our media are also always available in their music selection.

Reviews state that their song collections are massive and offers a very good time for basically all cultural tastes. I’ve been here many times, as a couple and with a bunch of friends and always ended up having wonderful memories. All in all, Big Echo is a great budget karaoke shop with enormous variety.

Access: locations throughout the capital
Address: 4-2-14 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
Phone: Open Sat-Thurs noon-5am, Fri noon-6am
Hours: 03-3563-5100

Fancy Cat

karaoke shops, best karaoke, tokyo karaoke

Instead of private rooms, this karaoke store has a great stage for you to sing along with your friends while the waitresses dressed up in cosplay costumes serve their foods and drinks to your audience as you sing your favorite songs to friends and strangers alike. If you think this means that Fancy Cat is more similar to what you can find in other countries, you have the wrong idea.

From their selection of songs including anime and video-game tracks to their eccentric food menu (make sure to order their manga character omelette if you visit them), Fancy Cat doesn’t follow any other karaoke’s patterns, no photos allowed and have built a reputation for being unique and a must-have experience if you’re passing through Tokyo.

It’s so crazy and awesome at the same time that my girlfriend had to down a few drinks before having the courage to go up on stage.

Address: 1-22-9 2F, Honmachi, Kichijoji
Phone: 04-2222-7163
Hours: open Mon-Sat 8pm-5am

Karaoke no Manekineko Yotsuya Sanchome

karaoke shops, best karaoke, tokyo karaoke

This karaoke shop with a huge and hard to pronounce name is getting more and more recognized amongst people that visit Tokyo for their first time.

You’d think that just because they have Muslim food and a cultural theme to them, they focus on a different target audience than where you come from but you’d be wrong. Their karaoke comes at a great price, with great food, a great selection of songs to choose from and great location as well (very close to a train station in Tokyo).

Access: 1 min walk from Exit 1 Yotsuya-sanchome Station
Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Samoncho 3-1, Samon Eleven Bldg. 2F
Phone: 03-5315-4266
Hours: 9:00–6:00 everyday


karaoke shops, best karaoke, tokyo karaoke

As Lovenet, Shidax is a bit more specific and you’re paying for what you’re getting. This store is more expensive than your original karaoke place, but their service is so premium that you should give it a shot if your group has the budget. Their food is of great quality; they have couches, sofas, well-decorated rooms with a lot of space and great reviews.

Their song collection focuses a lot on the Japanese culture, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find musical hits as well, it just isn’t as common. If you are looking for unique experiences and have the money to spare, Shidax is a great option.

Access: 3 min walk from Roppongi Station
Address: 5-2-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Phone: 03 5474 1122
Hours: 5pm-5am


Singing in a Karaoke shop in Tokyo is an experience that you won’t ever forget. After all, you do not get served sushi and wine by an anime character while singing a Japanese song with words that you can’t even pronounce very often.

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