Most Popular Places to Live in Tokyo


Tokyo is one of the fastest growing cities not just in Japan but the world over. The mix of culture and modern art amazed me once I visited these places with my girlfriend. Of you who intend to live here, short or long term, here is a list of the most popular places you should look for.


Best Places to Live

1. Jiyugaoka

If you want a neighborhood that is relaxed and it always seems like a holiday, Jiyugaoka is your best bet. You will love the cool air and everyone looking like they are in no hurry, yet the riches are all around. My girlfriend and I have lived in Jiyugaoka for over a year and I can tell you that the comfort and entertainment it provides is unmatched. We always frequent the cafes and restaurants around the area as there are plenty. Visitors and locals flock to Jiyugaoka on the weekends for a reason and on sunny days the place can get crowded.

2. Ginza

Ginza is famous for many things among them fashion and urban life. Life in Ginza is both fast and enjoyable given the many activities going on. Although not very costly, the standard of living is worth noting. If you decide to live here, the shopping and nightlife is something to look forward to, as having some of the best restaurants in Tokyo is also a plus.

3. Azabu

If you are into culture, music and the arts, Azabu is the place to live in Tokyo. The area is famous for its offerings of international cuisine and you’ll love the calm atmosphere provided at local coffee shops, restaurants and drinking establishments. It has a rich neighborhood that we enjoyed walking about.

4. Ebisu

Ebisu is one of the most popular places in Tokyo. There is the Ebisu Garden Place that is built as a city within another one. This garden has all that a city would need, yet its uniqueness is being surrounded by another city in itself.

5. Shinjuku

This is the largest neighborhood in Tokyo and is famous the world over. Shinjuku has a diverse array of cultural and modern backgrounds. You will love the feel of the combinations of culture and modern society that has grown to be one of the most livable neighborhoods in the whole of Japan. There are many companies with their headquarters here.

6. Toranomon

In Toranomon, you will find a unique combination of culture and modern lifestyle that you cannot find anywhere else in Japan. Although the area is being turned into a modern business district, the Japanese culture is evident especially in the tiger gate of the Imperial Palace.

7. Ikebukuro

This city is evidence to how fast Tokyo has grown. Only a few years back, it was a village but today, it is part of downtown Tokyo with the buildings and business to match. It is also very accommodating.

8. Yoyogi

Finding peace and serenity in a city is always a big problem. However, Yoyogi offers the peace that will go a long way in ensuring you enjoy your time living in Tokyo, owing to its proximity to the parks.

9. Nakameguro

Nakameguro is a riverside town located on the Meguro River that looks like Venice. It has the most beautiful buildings, hotels and sceneries that will give you the serenity and peace you need when in the city.

10. Kichijoji

The atmosphere in Kichijoji is a very relaxed one and will accommodate everyone with interest in visiting or staying. You will see mothers with their kids shopping and friends walking in groups enjoying themselves.

11. Meguro

Meguro has been inhabited by ancient Japanese families for a very long time to the present. In there, you will find a lot of culture that has been passed down from generations to the current moment. Living here is always a bliss.

12. Gaienmae

Gaienmae is among the major fashion districts in Japan and very popular with fashionistas from all over the world. If you come to this city and are looking to stay, the opportunities are endless.

13. Koenji

Koenji is one of the most traditional towns in Tokyo as most of the buzz in other towns has passed it. In fact, if you want to experience the best of cultural Japan in the city of Tokyo, look no further than Koenji.

14. Hiroo

This is one of the quietest neighborhoods in the whole of Tokyo although the prices of land are quite high. It also has access to other areas of the city including Azabu and Shibuya with ease.

15. Aoyama-itchome

Aoyama-itchome has among the most expensive apartments in the whole of Tokyo. Some of the most notable families in Japan and beyond have lived here for centuries. Finding a house here might prove to be a big problem however.

16. Denenchofu

If you want a little bit of London and Tokyo in one serving, there is no better place to look than Tokyo. This section of town is most popular with celebrities, politicians and many other notable people in society.

17. Daikanyama

Daikanyama has many things to offer given its housing of embassies from countries all across the globe. The embassies offer an international touch to the local scene for the best experience.

18. Asakusa

Asakusa is a very popular town in Tokyo given its culture and the way in which it has grown faster than other areas. It has the best experience in combining culture with modern architecture and business. Living here is very satisfactory.

19. Shimokitazawa

If you are looking for a town in Tokyo that still has old buildings and a mix of cultural flavor, you will get the best prices in Shimokitazawa. Although it has lagged behind in culture, it has stood out as one of the best regions of Tokyo.

20. Nakano

Nakano is among the most densely populated areas on earth. The good news is that it has the best urban life and the large population has done little to dampen the life for the city. If you live here, you will enjoy the offerings.

21. Futako-tamagawa

This is one of the early towns in Tokyo that have grown to be the most demanded as the people who live here are among the elite. The apartments here cost a fortune and thus one should be ready to pay a high price.

22. Sugamo

The non-glitzy factor of this neighborhood translates into lower prices for you. This area is made up of mostly elderly and seniors. However, it’s just a short train ride away if you are in need of checking out the night life in Tokyo. This area is generally quiet and peaceful and cost of living remains lower if that’s what you’re after.

23. Omotesando

Omotesando is the fashion district of Tokyo with most of the major fashion houses running their operations from here. It is among the most popular places to live in Tokyo as the apartments are always in high demand and built with great quality.

If you want to stay in Japan, you will need to check out these areas to decide for yourself. Our list of the most popular places to live in Tokyo is mainly dependent on if you want a little bit of peace and quiet, nightlife or a combination of both. Otherwise, it was such a great experience sampling them out and having a test of what Tokyo can offer.

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