Sake Tasting Experience: Visit the Most Sought After and Top 5 Sake Bars in Tokyo


If you plan to visit Japan, you would see that most of their dishes go very well with the normal drink – sake. My girlfriend and I love to have a little bit of sake with our sushi, yakiniku and yakitori. Straight up on the rocks is also good, served hot or cold depending on your preference.

What is Sake?

In case you didn’t know yet, sake is a Japanese rice wine that is made by fermenting sugar, which is naturally present in grapes. This is produced through a brewing process the same with that of beer.

Where to find the top 5 sake bars in Tokyo?

I have made a list of the top 5 sake shops. So, if you got the chance to visit this city, go and plan to checkout these bars to get your own sake experience.

1. Shimomiya, Nakano

Shimomiya is one of the top 5 sake bars in Tokyo, which is situated in the district of Nakano. This bar features high wooden chairs and soft lighting, which make it feel very comfortable. My girlfriend loves the atmosphere here and I know a lot of people come to visit this bar for only 2 things – the fish and the sake. This bar hosts at least 200 different brands and types of sake.

2. Namikibashi Nakamura, Shibuya

Did you know that Namikibashi Nakamura is the hot sake destination in Shibuya district? This is a contemporary bar; its deep blue tones and sleek architecture offers it a modern ambiance. Nevertheless, it is not the contemporary atmosphere which attracts sake drinkers to this place, it’s the premium variety of sake on offer at cheap prices.

3. Akaoni, Sangenjaya

Hasegawa Saketan is an excellent bar for newbies; however, it’s a modern and contemporary one. Local patrons frequent this place as they offer over 100 different sakes and are reasonably priced to boot. The quality of their local breweries is also worth a try and the food, while small is a great accompaniment to your drinks. If you are one of those people who like to try sake on a conventional style bar like me, Akaoni is one of the top 5 sake bars in Tokyo that you should not miss.

4. Kozue, Shinjuku

Situated in the trendy Shinjuku area and a stand out above the top 5 sake bars in Tokyo, Kozue is an ultra-modern sake bar on the 40th floor of the sought after Park Hyatt Tokyo. This sake bar has a rich chocolate brown and sleek design interior along with welcoming wood. They offer 15 different pours of sake that are quite costly. On the other hand, for those who can avail the high prices and are not fluent in speaking Japanese, I recommend this sake bar to visit.

5. Sasahana, Ginza District

Sasahana is a bar situated in the Tokyo’s Ginza district. It’s a combination of the modern and traditional, which sets this sake bar apart from the top 5 sake bars in Tokyo. My girlfriend commented on how the white wooden countertops and cedar walls make for a traditional and comforting feeling. While the open view stainless steel kitchen of the bar offers the right touch of contemporary edge, I understand that this bar does not have the sake selection like Akaoni, however out of the 2 dozen selection of sake it does offer, this sake bar features quality over quantity.

There you have it, the top 5 sake bars in Tokyo on my list. If you are one of those people who like to drink and want to taste something different, try these sake bars and see it for yourself.

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