7 Things You Must do While in Ebisu


Ebisu is one of the quieter areas of Tokyo, although most people will probably notice how green it is compared to the surrounding neighborhoods. Ebisu tends to be calmer, more relaxed, and offers several nifty experiences that my girlfriend and I have enjoyed over the past couple of years. While it may not be the most exciting area in Tokyo, there are several things that you can do and places to visit within Ebisu.

Best Things To Do in Ebisu

1. Ebisu Prime Square

top,7,things,todo,ebisuEverything starts with the square which consists of three complexes, the plaza, city, and tower. The grounds are immaculate and we often start out in Ebisu by sitting on the bench and discussing where we will go first. While the square itself may not be the most interesting part, it is the perfect place to start your adventures.

2. Log Road Daikanyama

top,7,things,todo,ebisuTo help you walk off the food that you have consumed, the Log Road Daikanyama is the place to go. This is a commercial facility, but what makes it unique is the wooden sidewalk and large wood structure that houses the business. In addition to shopping, many tourists find their favorite spots as there are many benches to sit and pleasant spaces to soothe the mind. It’s a good place to talk and walk while heading to your next location.

3. Matsugen Ebisu

top,7,things,todo,ebisuFor a proper Japanese meal, Matsugen Ebisu is one of the best places to eat. It’s only a few minutes on foot from the JR Ebisu station west entrance and offers a sumptuous selection of noodles and other delicious dishes that are simply wonderful. It’s one of my favorite eating places in all of Ebisu and well worth the visit.

4. Saint Germain Café

top,7,things,todo,ebisuA touch of Germany in the heart of Ebisu, this is a marvelous bakery that my girlfriend and I visit often. You can find wonderful pastries, pizzas, Danishes, and much, much more to satisfy your appetite when you want something delicious to eat. One taste and you’ll realize the skill and perfection of Japanese pastry making.

5. Smooch Smoothies

top,7,things,todo,ebisuThere is nothing like a refreshing smoothie or ice cream on a warm day and Smooch offers some of the best in Ebisu. What makes this place special is the number of flavors that range from the familiar to the bizarre. Of course, you can stick to traditional favorites such as Golden Mango which is the one that my girlfriend really likes.

6. Sushi Hayakawa

top,7,things,todo,ebisuMany of my friends look for sushi when they arrive in Tokyo and this is one of the best places I like to take them. It’s only a few minutes from the JR Ebisu station and is often the first place we go if they have been to the Prime Square. The sushi is delicious and the selection wonderful which makes this a great place to eat. Try the Chefs signature Hayakawa roll and Otoro “fatty tuna” sashimi which melts in your mouth. Not particulary inexpensive, it’s still reasonable for the exceptional quality.

7. Yebisu Beer Museum

top,7,things,todo,ebisuThis is a must for visitors and my girlfriend will almost always bring her family and friends to start their adventure here. The museum is free to tour, however to sample some of the beer you must pay a fee. There is a nice tasting salon along with a gallery and history of the company that is presented.

These are the top 7 things to do in Ebisu, Tokyo which is a great way to spend the day. The area is an popular place for foreigners to hang out and location is excellent due to the close proximity to Shibuya and Roppongi.

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