The Coolest Places to Visit in Odaiba for Couples


Why Would we Recommend you Visit Odaiba?

I’ve been to Odaiba a couple of times with my girlfriend and as a foreigner am blown away by the numerous restaurants, gaming centers, theaters and attractions offered there. For the uninitiated, Odaiba is a shopping and entertainment district on a man-made artificial island in Tokyo Bay and has become a popular venue for dating couples.

It was a beautiful sunny day so we started off by taking a walk along the city’s boardwalk waterfront. There’s something special about seeing couples and families laughing and truly enjoying spending time with one another. Make sure you bring an additional piece of clothing though as it gets somewhat chilly by the shoreline. If time permits check out the Dinner Cruise through Rainbow Bridge during the evening. What’s more romantic than eating Japanese cuisine under the stars?


Best Places to Sightsee and Watch the Skyline in Odaiba

Below are a list of a few things I enjoyed most about Odaiba:

best,places,visit,tokyo,couplesCouples can see views of Rainbow Bridge, Haneda airport and Tokyo Tower during the 15 min ride.  Mount Fuji (The highest mountain in Japan) can also be seen on clear days. Wait time is minimal and the ticket price is 900 yen per person.

We had a choice to take a ride in the glass floor cabin or the colored cabin. A ride in the glass cabin was the right choice. The ride was pleasant and views were stunning. Say cheese! And take a photo before the ride. You can pay for the printed photo at the end of the ride but we opted not to.

Definitely go in the evening cause the illuminated wheel is splendidly lit by 120,000 neon tubes featuring over 100 different colours. Excellent views of where we’ve been earlier in the day.

City Views
rainbow-bridgeNext up is a visit to Rainbow Bridge, an iconic symbol in Tokyo that I believe is incredible. It connects the islands to Tokyo and is particularly delightful and splendid during its nightly illumination.

You have a choice of driving or walking across the bridge.  It’ll take you close to an hour to walk from end to end. But why walk across the bridge especially when there is an awesome monorail? The city views from the bridge are totally stunning, they can’t be beaten. We were super lucky to sit in the front car which offered best views of different places and provided us with extraordinary photographs of landscapes from either side.

My plan for the next time is to walk on this bridge together on a beautiful bright sunny day. It’s perfect for watching the skyline over the sea and taking stunning pictures of the sunset. Can’t wait.

Gundam Animated Robot

best,places,visit,tokyo,couplesLast but not least is the giant life sized Gundam robot which stands at 59 ft located just outside Odaiba Diver City plaza. Gundam is an exceptionally famous Japanese animation series which began in 1979.

As I recall every evening there will be a light show feature on the robot complete with smoke and sound effects! The show runs once every hour and actually starts in the afternoon. It’s not nearly as impressive then, so definitely stay until it gets dark.  I’m a sucker for Robots so it was plain mesmorizing to watch. I especially enjoyed the head turning effects. It’s not everyday you can pose beside a huge giant robot.

Next stop was the Gundam Café. My girlfriend had the Gundam shaped waffles and I decided on the Beam Churros, a fun name to a popular snack in the café! Delish. I felt like a kid all over again! At this time the statue is static but the developers are aiming for this robot to be able to walk or move in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. The Gundam mecha is a very impressive vision that reminds us once again that Japan is definitely not a country like any other!

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