Things to Do in July in Tokyo… Festivals, Attractions and More

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Are you interested in visiting Tokyo in the middle of Summer? There are many delightful and even romantic things to do as a couple in Japan during the month of July. It’s going to be hot so don’t forget to pack your shorts and sandals!


Best Tokyo Ideas for First Dates, Honeymoons and More During the Month of July

Many of the below places are excellent for taking someone on a first date, or for couples that have been together for a while. If you need some ideas to kick-start your Tokyo weekend away with your sweetheart, look no further.

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival – Hanabi Festival With Dazzling Colors

best,things to do, july,tokyo

If you’re into beautiful displays of fireworks this is a must see. It’s one of oldest fireworks festival in the world which draws over 1 million people to Tokyo’s Sumida River. Locals and visitors dress up in Yukatas to attend the event to see the tens of thousands of spectacular fireworks.

The event takes place on the last Saturday in July and if you’re planning to attend, then get there early and place a blue tarp or mat down with your name to reserve a spot. It’s a lively event with large crowds and the best place for viewing is along the riverbanks.

Important note: Show may be cancelled due to rain

Tanabata Festival In Tokyo: Star Festival

best,things to do, july,tokyo

This is a festival on July 7th, celebrating the reunification of 2 star crossed lovers. Each region has its own traditions and there are dozens of Tanabata festivals happening throughout Japan. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the festivities as there’s delicious food, parades and dancing involved.

It’s customary to hang colorful decorations and write your wishes on strips of paper and hang them from bamboo branches. Let’s hope that all your wishes will come true within the coming years!

Odaiba Island – Relaxation for Couples

Some of the best architectural creations are on Odaiba Island. This includes the Telecom Center, Tokyo Big Sight, and the Fuji TV Building. Also, you can enjoy the extensive green space that is located throughout the island.

It serves as a popular district for both entertainment and shopping, and is a man-made island that is located in Tokyo Bay. I especially like to relax at a nice park with a romantic picnic with my girlfriend.

Nishi-Azabu Gonpachi Restaurant is Great for Sweethearts

best,things to do, july,tokyo

Gonpachi is made famous for the fight scenes filmed in the Kill Bill movie and is a excellent place to just kick back and drink. This restaurant is an ideal spot for couples. We loved how reasonable the prices were, as well as the charming and fun atmosphere. There are two levels, with the top level offering a full view of the entire restaurant.

The food here was good, not spectacular; however, most tourists come here for the ambiance and memories. It is so popular that for many, there was at least an hour long wait. According to my girlfriend, it is well worth the wait.

Edo Tokyo Museum Makes for a Wonderful Space

best,things to do, july,tokyo

The Edo Tokyo museum is located in Ryogoku. It includes full-size replicas of some of the buildings that are from the Edo and Meiji periods. Take your time looking through the gorgeous details of the miniature towns and villages. There are also a great deal of artifacts, as well as interactive exhibits and a gorgeous, massive escalator.

The gift shop here is excellent, where you can pickup high-quality souvenirs for friends and loved ones. They do offer English guided tours if you so prefer, to understand Tokyo’s magnificent history better.  It’s simply a fascinating place, not only for history buffs!

Tokyo Imperial Palace Is a Lover’s Paradise

best,things to do, july,tokyo

This is the primary residence to Japan’s Imperial Family. The old palace that once stood here was destroyed during World War II and a new one was rebuilt in the same manner. Be sure to pay a visit to the Imperial Gardens while you are looking for things to do in Tokyo in the summer.

They are beautiful, though you cannot walk on the inner gardens or touch them at all. Visitors can only enter the inner palace on 2 dates, January 2nd and December 23rd respectively, for New Year’s and the Emperor’s Birthday. The East Garden is the only one that actually is open to the public. It is organized immaculately and if you enjoy the outdoor greenery and parks, this is the right place for you.

National Museum of Nature and Science

best,things to do,july,tokyo

If you love nature and viewing a large assortment of fascinating items in one place, you will love the National Museum of Nature and Science. It has many beautiful visual sights, including dinosaur skeletons, animals that have been stuffed, and a whole floor that is dedicated to technology and science.

Most of the info provided here was in Japanese, but if you didn’t want to rent the English audio then everything is still delightful and visually appealing, nonetheless. Share in the wonder with a loved one, like I did with my girlfriend on a recent trip into Tokyo. Make sure that you set aside at least a few hours to spend here as there’s so much to take in.


Tokyo is Made for Romantic Adventures as a Couple

When looking for romantic places to visit in Tokyo in July, be sure to follow some of the above advice and do your own research. This list is just a tip of the iceberg, so you may be surprised at how many great events, attractions and venues that are presented for couples.

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