Places to Visit in Tokyo in June


Is there a bad time to visit Tokyo? All year round this location has a lot to offer their visitors and their residence. Although June in Tokyo is generally described as being damp and when the dreaded rainy season begins, do not let this deter you as it’s usually packed with interesting exhibitions such as flower festivals, parades as well as firefly-viewing events all over the city. Here is another part of the journey that my girlfriend and I have experienced while being here in Japan.


What are the Best things to Do in Tokyo in June?

We take on a lot of adventures so that you don’t have to. We have done a lot while we were here in Tokyo, giving us the chance to experience everything so that we can share with you what the best places to visit in Tokyo, Japan are.

Top Things to Do in Tokyo in June

Sanno Matsuri Festival
best,places,visit,tokyo,june,couplesOne of our personal favorite experiences is the Sanno Matsuri Festival in Tokyo. You need to be an early riser to truly enjoy this experience. The parade leaves the Hie Shrine at somewhere around 8:00am. There are quite a few stops along the way so that you can choose to take in this parade including the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Nihonbashi Hie Shrine, before heading back to where it all began. We personally visited each of the stops to get the full experience of this festival. We mostly enjoyed the ceremony at the Tokyo Imperial Palace, which occurred around noon. Here we saw the chief offer his prayers to the Emperor and the Imperial family. You can only witness this incredible sight during this festival.

Great Japan Beer Festival
best,places,visit,tokyo,june,couplesOktoberfest is not the only fascinating beer festival in the world. My girlfriend and I definitely enjoyed our experience with the Great Japan Beer Festival in Tokyo. Every year, the most passionate beer lovers in Tokyo come together to taste over 100 local craft beers for only a one-time admission fee. We loved the fact that once we paid, we could just enjoy all of the beer that you can handle. This is an event that does sell out pretty quickly and spaces are limited at only around 1,500 people so it would be an excellent idea to go get advance tickets.

Tokyo Skytree
best,places,visit,tokyo,june,couplesThe Sunset at Tokyo Skytree is really one of the best highlights for couples that Tokyo has to offer. This attraction is now the tallest tower in the world and my girlfriend and I absolutely loved the incredible views of the city that we took in up here. If you want more of an adventure, you are able to go up to the Tembo Galleria by elevator. This does cost a little bit extra but it is so worth it. We felt as though we were walking on clouds on top of the world. This is especially true when we went up the staircase where you can see glass floors that allow you to look down over the lower levels. This one single experience is unlike anything you will ever experience and being atop the Eiffel Tower pales in comparison.

Fussa Firefly Festival
best,places,visit,tokyo,june,couplesVisitors are advised to come via public transport as this is a popular and crowded event in suburban Tokyo. This festival offers numerous attractions, food stands, taiko drumming and stage performances leading up to the main event of watching fireflies at dusk on the riverbanks. Its festival features about 500 fireflies and locals are also known to breed the fireflies and release them. My girlfriend really had a great time making these bamboo leaf boats (sasabune) which we later set adrift downriver. This is the perfect place to bring your date as the fireflies reflection of light on the water make this a simply romantic experience.

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