Amazing Places to Visit in Tokyo in November


Never dismiss how great Tokyo can be during the fall months. There are so many things to do in November and as the foliage falls down, you are enjoying your trip in such a picturesque location. This is the perfect place to be in and you should keep this in mind while making travel plans.


Tokyo’s Must-See Attractions in November for Couples

There are quite a few great things that you can do here if you are with your significant other. My girlfriend and I have almost done everything that we could in this great city, so we have become experts on some of the best things that you can do as part of a couple exploring Tokyo.

best,places,visit,tokyo,couplesMy girlfriend and I really enjoyed the Kabuki Theater. We visited the Kabukiza Theater, which is located in Ginza, Tokyo and these shows are the perfect example of drama. You will get all of the betrayal, love, and revenge that you can possibly handle here. This is an ancient tradition in the Japanese culture and being a part of that was just a really incredible experience. The plays themselves are very long, around 3 hours, but you can buy tickets for only some parts of the play. This is hands down one of the best things to do as a couple.

best,season,visit,tokyo,couplesOne thing that my girlfriend really loved was the Shichi–Go-San Festival. She found this to be the most adorable thing that she had ever seen. This festival features young girls aged 3, 5, and 7 walking around in tiny kimonos that typically had been a part of their family for generations. It’s a ceremony considered a milestone for young children. The girls are dressed in very traditional attire and their hair is done traditionally as well, there’s nothing cuter than that!

Best Things to Do in Tokyo in November

best,season,visit,tokyo,couplesEven if you aren’t with a significant other, you can still have a great time in Tokyo in November. For instance, the Tori No Ichi Festival occurs on a different date every year to wish good luck and business prosperity. This started as a Harvest festival during the Edo period, around the same time Kabuki became popular. My girlfriend loved looking through the souvenirs because they were very traditional and we both just had a hard time really focusing with all of the great sights that we saw here. Festivals that are similar to this one actually take place across 30 different shrines in Tokyo, but this festival is a place that you really need to see.

best,season,visit,tokyo,couplesOne of the more unique experiences that we had here was Mount Takao. This location has a diverse variety of wildlife as well as over 1,000 varieties of plants that you can see here. We loved observing the various animals that inhabit this area, especially the monkeys and wild boar. You can also visit the Japanese hot springs bath (onsen) or the nature museum. You do have the option to climb this mountain on your own or take advantage of the Takaotozan Railway to see this incredible mountain. The views, numerous statues and temples along the way are spectacular. We opted just to hike one of their 8 hiking paths, which was truly an enjoyable experience.

If you can’t take the heat then November is the perfect time of year in Japan featuring nice pleasant, cool autumn days. So the main question is when is the best time to visit Tokyo? Japanese culture is remarkable in its appreciation of the changing of the seasons making it truly a year round destination. We’ve spent lots of time here and what makes it so wonderful is the seasonal festivals, foods and sightseeing being offered. If your travel dates are flexible, pick a time depending on your heat sensitivities and also keep in mind that Tokyo gets overcrowded on holidays and Golden Week. Other than that safe travels.


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