Tokyo’s Best Places to See Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)


Tokyo, in my opinion, is the greatest place to see Sakura in the world. Also referred to as Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) locals love to invite their friends and colleagues to sit under the cherry tree, converse, eat, drink and have fun. We love taking in beautiful scenery and trying new things because life is too short and we want people to have the best time ever here.


Want to Know the Best Places to See Sakura in Tokyo?

You can skim through magazines and books but it’s always best to have real life stories about how much people enjoyed a particular location that they traveled to. For that, we have decided to compile a list of the 10 favorite places we visited to view Sakura.

10 Places to See Sakura in Tokyo

1. Koishikawa Korakuen
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraThe elegance and beauty of this park is second to none. We felt like we were in a forest; however, we were right next to the Tokyo Dome looking at this garden known for its gorgeous weeping cherry trees. To make it worth your time, definitely bring your camera and take photos to bring home because the entry fee is ¥300 yen which is totally worth it. This is one of the oldest parks in Tokyo and there is a reason that it is still so popular today. My girlfriend was a huge fan of the scenery that you can take in here because of the unique settings. While we weren’t able to enjoy a picnic in this gorgeous spot, we did enjoy some matcha at the tea house here.

2. Inokashira Park
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraThere are around 500 stunning trees that surround the pond here, which just adds to the beauty of the park. We found that this location is at its most beautiful in the springtime when the blossoms begin covering the ground. Here, we had an amazing picnic and enjoyed a swan boat ride that is perfect for couples, as long as you can ignore the superstitions that those who ride the swan boat end up breaking up. I’m not that superstitious, are you?

3. Ueno Park
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraThis is the busiest and most popular park here. That is because of the approximate 800 sakura trees that line the main path of the park which make a perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll in the park. We came here on a beautiful sunny day and were lucky to see live street entertainers. Since it gets crowded pretty quickly, you should really get here early. We opted to stay later into the evening, which was just amazing especially thanks to the beautifully lit lanterns.

4. Koukyo Imperial Palace
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraThe east gardens of the Imperial Palace are always free and open to the public. Visitors can view the two bridges that form an entrance to the inner palace grounds, which are generally not open to the public. The beautiful architecture and gardens are a sight to behold when the Hanami are in full bloom. This may not be the best spot for having lunch but we really enjoyed just walking around this breathtaking location, plus it’s located just 5 mins away from Tokyo Station.

5. Koganei Park
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraConsidered one of the lagest public parks in Tokyo, this historically famous hanami spot is home to the annual cherry blossom festival. Over a thousand cherry trees are planted around the grounds and we took many pictures mainly in the Cherry Garden (Sakura no En).

6. Sumida Park
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraHere you can stand alongside the Sumida River to take in all of the beauty that this city has to offer you. This is the best spot to get the perfect selfie in but it can get a bit crowded. We did get a little overwhelmed here, but we took advantage of this to take the yakatabune boat to get away while still having an amazing time. Definitely recommended that you view the cherry blossoms from boats that cruise the river while the trees are lit up in the evenings.

7. Shinjuku Gyoen
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraThis is a very diverse park that no matter how crowded it gets, it never gets overwhelming just because of how massive it is. There are over a dozen varieties of sakura here. We really loved how peaceful this location was and how stunning each of these areas are.

8. Chidorigafuchi and Kitanomaru Park
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraTheir cherry blossom festival that takes place in these two parks are really a must see. Sadly, we never made it to a festival but these parks are relaxing and beautiful spots to check out. Chidorigafuchi is easily one of the most gorgeous spots in the city and if nothing else, you at least need to visit here once.

9. Yoyogi Park
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraMy girlfriend and I visited this park in early April and were sure glad we did. Over 600 cherry trees are planted around the spacious Yoyogi Park, offering pleasant picnic opportunities. A few food stands are available if you want to buy snacks. This park is nice for couples and also has a family atmosphere to it.

10. Meguro River
best,places,visit,couples,tokyo,sakuraMy girlfriend really loved the romantic vibe that this area had when we visited it at nighttime. Looking upriver is truly breathtaking with both sides of the riverbanks scattered with pink flowers. The trees were lit up at night, illuminating the river and make for a truly awe-inspiring location. The most beautiful scenery is of cherry blossom petals falling onto the water and flowing slowly downriver in Tokyo.

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