Top Places to Visit in Tokyo in October


Tokyo is such a massive place that you may not know exactly what you are going to do during your trip here. My girlfriend and I try our best to do whatever we can to fully experience this location so that we can let you know how to maximize your time. It’s definitely one of those top places that you should include on your bucket list. There are plenty of reasons to visit Tokyo, including some of these great events that you can find that takes place in October. 


Reasons to Visit Tokyo in October

Tokyo is absolutely stunning when it gets that coating of foliage, especially over the shrines. It really does not get any more beautiful than this. Read on to see some of the best reasons to visit Tokyo in October based on what my girlfriend and I have experienced during our travels.

Interesting things to do in Tokyo in October

Between October 17th and 20th, you can experience the Yasukuni Autumn Festival. This Autumn Festival takes place at the Yasukuni shrine, which already a picturesque location, just comes to life during this festival. My girlfriend was especially pleased watching the traditional Japanese arts being performed right before her eyes, leaving her in awe of what she was seeing. You will see drums and fans, the fire dance and the Japanese swords performance. We wore our kimonos and ate some of the most delicious Japanese food.

Tokyo Disney Halloween Festivalbest,season,visit,tokyo,couples
During October, you can also look forward to the Tokyo Disney Halloween Festival. This was a particular favorite adventure for us. The park gets a Halloween makeover that is perfect for kids, adults and couples to enjoy. You can definitely get into the Halloween spirit, with fireworks, a special parade, stage shows, and even pumpkin themed foods. We joined in the festivities and walked around in costume so that we could really experience this.

Oeshiki Festival
best,season,visit,tokyo,couplesFor a really great traditional religious ceremony, check out the Oeshiki Festival, which takes place in mid-October. This is a high energy festival that you can just feed off of. People flock to this Buddhist ceremony, which is meant to be in memory of High Priest Nichiren that takes place at the Honmonji Temple. There is also an amazing parade, something that my girlfriend and I were particularly interested in. The highlight of the festival is where about 3,000 people carrying sacred lanterns decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms, parade from Ikegami Station to the temple. Around 300,000 people attend the festival each year, which tells you just how important this is. The festival is all about the traditional Japanese culture and you are fully able to experience it by taking in this majestic parade.

Tokyo International Film Festival
best,season,visit,tokyo,couplesWho doesn’t love a good movie? My girlfriend and I are particularly avid movie buffs so attending the Tokyo International Film Festival was a no brainer. There are so many events here that movie lovers would want to participate in. It screens an extensive variety of Japanese and Asian movies with top awards given out to the best in each category. We loved seeing the celebrities walking all around us and especially enjoyed catching the screenings of some of the upcoming films before anyone else. This is one of the biggest film festivals and the main events in Tokyo have been held over one week in late October at Roppongi Hills. If you happen to be around during the film festival, this really needs to be part of your experience.

As we’ve found out, October is one of the most delightful months in Tokyo. You might want to bring a light jacket but we were still sufficiently warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. Years back, Halloween was for the most part not a very popular occasion in Tokyo; however today, it’s well known within the Japanese youth and teenage community. You will realize this by noticing the large number of costumed individuals that converge in Shibuya city center. My girlfriend and I really appreciated the handful of events and festivals going on all around the city, so checkout as many as possible during your trip.

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