10 Spots to Buy Nike Shoes in Shibuya


Save yourself from the worries of finding the right place for buying Nike shoes in Shibuya with this guide. There is nothing better with carrying a shop guide as you choose on buying shoes in Shibuya. From the recent trip that my girlfriend and I had in Tokyo, Japan, I made sure that I could have some time shopping for sneakers. With the numerous stores that can be found in Shibuya, it is never a surprise that I end up confused of what and where to buy from.


Where Can I Buy Nike Sneakers in Shibuya?

Roaming around and visiting some stores with my girlfriend the following are the recommended stores where you can consider buying Nike shoes in Shibuya.

Shopping for Nike shoes in Shibuya

Opening Ceremony
A retailer from New York, this shop has some of the best and eclectic brands displayed such as the current collaborative collection with the Adidas originals.

Atmos Tokyo
Since I was looking for sneakers, the first place I visited is the store known for being the world’s top sneaker boutique. This shop has a wide range of exclusive releases and some of the best line of top-notch collaborations. The shop never failed me as I felt overwhelmed by all the choices in the store.

Nike Harajuku

Looking for Nike products? This is the one for you. Though I was trying to shop a little more before purchasing a pair or two of sneakers, this store has a lot of options. Some of the latest products were already on display and some Japan exclusives that a collector would never want to miss.

Undefeated Tokyo
Bringing the LA vibe to the city of Tokyo, Undefeated in Tokyo is offering mostly new products from all of the popular footwear brands along with its in-house apparel line. I had the chance to take a look at some and found the store had a really awesome vibe.

Chapter World
There is no doubt why this is considered as one of the best stores for sneakers since there are some shoes that I thought were long gone but are fortunately displayed in the store.

White Mountaineering
This may not be a great option for any collectors but it boasts highly technical styles and designs that I have to admit are cool. I looked at some of those that were on display and even found some ultra premium sneaker collaborations that made my hand itch to buy one right away if not for the hopes of finding other sneakers in nearby stores.

As I visited this store, I was welcomed with the unique line of traditional footwear and clothing that it has to offer. If you’ve never heard of the Visvim brand, the store has hard to find full lineup of products you can get.

L.A. Avenue
If you’re in search for an assortment of the rarest kicks, this store has it for you. Though the prices are a bit costly, the fact that you can buy one of the rarest kicks is sure to be worth its price.

Neighborhood x Supreme
Step into Neighborhood and you’ll find their line of Tokyo street fashion and moto-military aesthetic. Heading upstairs is where you’ll find Supreme offering similar products but some are offered at a cheaper price. Guess what? I even found some items that were long sold out at the retail locations of New York brands.

Kicks Lab
Kicks has a ridiculous selection of both new and vintage kicks for you to drool over. The store displays some of the popular brands along with rare shoe collections that made my quick visit there worth it.

A thing I learned from buying Nike shoes in Shibuya or other kicks, is that it is best you check on various stores first prior to picking one as there are numerous other options. There are also small individual shops and BEAMS retail chains that sell unique items which are sold out quickly at larger chains. Take your time and you won’t be disappointed.

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