Top 7 Department Stores in Tokyo that We Love


It’s no secret that Tokyo has lots of great department stores which is why it has become one of the leading shopping centers in the world. My girlfriend and I are fortunate to live in this remarkable city and take advantage of the many shopping opportunities. While I cannot say that we have visited every department store, my friends asked that we make a list of the best ones that we have frequented. Here is our list of the top 7 department stores in Tokyo based on their selection and price.


Tokyo’s Most Spectacular Department Stores

1. Isetan:

top,department,stores,tokyoOne of the more successful department stores in the area, you can find beauty products, men’s apparel, and related items. The store leans towards international buyers who come for the herbal teas, toys, and even bridal gowns that the store provides. My girlfriend likes the selection of kimono accessories that they offer which makes this a store we frequent often.

2. Marui:

top,department,stores,tokyoThis is the one department store that my girlfriend and I frequent the most because it caters to those between 20 to 35 years old. Even the name is somewhat stylish as it is written out as “0101” in their logo. There are many street fashions that you can find in this store that is updated frequently. After lunch, my girlfriend decided to get a manicure at the nail salon while I wandered to the Marui Mens section which was quite expansive.

3. Mitsukoshi:

top,department,stores,tokyoOne of the largest and oldest stores in Tokyo, Mitsukoshi is over 80 years old, although the store chain goes back hundreds of years, and still going strong. Somewhat upscale which puts it a little out of our price range at times, yet the selection of products, apparel, and accessories makes this one of the better department stores in the area. If you’re on a budget, it’s still worth it for a window shopping tour and visit the excellent basement level food court which offer sushi, tempura, bento boxes and sweets, just to name a few.


top,department,stores,tokyoThis one has several outlets across Japan and is interesting because they combine their retail services with real estate. This makes it more suitable for domestic shoppers, but the selection is still quite good. My girlfriend always drags me to PARCO because of the Mugiwara Shop. Everyone who loves toys, figurines and anything “One Piece” related will enjoy this store. Manga World is a must visit while visiting here.

5. Printemps:

top,department,stores,tokyoLocated in the Ginza district, it is also one of the most famous in all of Tokyo. You can find the latest fashion along with big name brands. It’s a bit expensive, but my girlfriend and I love coming here with guests because of the selection. We’re sad to announce that the Printemps Ginza department store will be closed on Saturday after doing 32 years of business. Their contract has expired and the building will reopen in March as Marronnier Gate. This is a new shopping complex which we’ll be sure to check out.

6. Sogo & Seibu:

top,department,stores,tokyoBoth department stores operate under one company, so they are essentially the same. What I like about it is that they make it easy to shop for one or two items if you are in a hurry. My girlfriend will often pop in for a few minutes to find something she needs while I’m off somewhere else. This makes Sogo & Seibu one of the most convenient department stores in the area.

7. Takashimaya:

top,department,stores,tokyoFirst opened in 1933, this is still one of the largest department stores in Tokyo. There is lots to find here, but it is the atmosphere that really makes it special. The rooftop dome is a big attraction and it makes it a very pleasant place to shop. Almost every high end brand can be found here, including the high end food hall in the basement. One of the best out of Tokyo retail department stores.

These are the top 7 department stores in Tokyo that we love and I know that you will too if you get a chance to tour the city.

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