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Whenever my girlfriend and I go shopping in Shinjuku we mainly think of buying clothing and accessories. We tend to forget that Tokyo is one of the most creative and leading innovators in the electronics industry. Japanese electronic chain stores are sometimes just as big as our department stores and you’ll be so amazed at all the latest electronics that are offered.


Where to Buy Electronics in Shinjuku?

You can easily spend a few hours at these megastores, as they carry everything imaginable. Some of these electronics are just brilliant while others are downright silly. Luckily, tech obsessed people can play around in this wonderland til their hearts content. We spent half a day walking around Shinjuku and still couldn’t get around to some of the smaller shops.

Top Recommended Shops for Electronics

Listed is our guide for the top shops to get your electronics and gadgets:

1. Bic Camera Shinjuku East Exit
best,places,buy,electronics,shinjuku,couplesIf you’re interested in Electronics this is the place to go. We walked out at the Shinjuku East Exit and found Bic Camera a few minutes later. My girlfriend took me here because I wanted to buy a lens for my Canon camera. The first staff I encountered spoke little English; however, he directed me to an English speaking staff immediately. Great service already and I haven’t even started shopping yet! The variety of electronics here is huge, ranging from computers, software, cameras, phones, AV equipment, including Apple products. There’s also a wide range of small household electronics and if you do buy anything, get a Bic card to earn points and use on your next trip. The store is spacious and it was nice just browsing the aisles. I didn’t find a lens but ended up buying an adapter for my phone instead.

2. Bicqlo Bic Camera Shinjuku East Exit
best,places,buy,electronics,shinjuku,couplesThe next store is Bicqlo, a collaboration of Uniqlo (an apparel brand) and Bic Camera. We loved the fact that you can purchase electronics alongside buying clothes, a truly unique concept. Clothing items are mainly on the 2nd and 3rd floor and the remaining floors feature mostly electronics. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed this new experience as couples can appease both of their needs in one stop. Numerous staff can speak multiple languages so you can shop with your mind at ease. You can even buy home appliances, cameras, PCs, audio equipment, liquor, daily necessities and many other types of merchandise. There’s also a money exchange counter, free Wi-fi and direct shipping services to the airport if you do not want to carry your purchased items around. You can only find Bicqlo in Shinjuku so definitely check it out if you’re in the area.

3. Yamada Denki LABI Shinjuku East Exit
best,places,buy,electronics,shinjuku,couplesYamada Denki LABI Shinjuku Building is a gigantic store situated in between Shinjuku Station and Seibu Shinjuku Station. Here you can find a wide range of electronics including home appliances, games, toys, mobile phone accessories, cosmetics, luxury brands and souvenirs. This is very convenient for travelers as tax-free discounts are available on all floors. Browse through the largest stock of best-selling items and latest designs in daily use appliances, cookware and health/beauty related appliances. For those visiting Japan for the first time, get a glimpse into the life and culture of Japanese way of living. This store is so prominent with its large electric display that we could actually see it from the train.

4. Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West (aka Multimedia Building)
best,places,buy,electronics,shinjuku,couplesYodabashi Camera is an enormous building comprised of 9 floors that offers its shoppers a plethora of electronics, cameras, watches, games and even toys. This is their flagship store and is located across the street from the west entrance of Shinjuku Station. Neon signs are prominent on the outside and inside you’ll see an overload of advertising signs throughout. The selection is mind boggling as we walked from aisle to aisle and were not be disappointed with the huge variety of gadgets and audio devices.

5. Map Camera Main Building
best,places,buy,electronics,shinjuku,couplesThe last store we’ll introduce here is Map Camera, which is located just a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station West Exit. This place is a must visit for any amateur or pro camera fanatic because it offers new and used camera gear. Map Camera is where you can purchase rare and almost impossible to find equipment. If you’re planning to sell your old camera, take it to the Map Camera Purchase Center (located nearby) where you can trade it in for credit towards a new camera. Really liked the concept and feel of this place, as I found my Canon camera lens here at a discounted price.

Shinjuku offers tourists spectacular sightseeing, restaurants and shopping. On this day we traveled here just to shop for electronics and found everything we were looking for. You will find items made just for Japanese lifestyle and gadgets that never will appear outside Japan. That’s the beauty of shopping here, not to mention the bonus of tax-free shopping for foreigners. In my opinion, this is one of the best places to check out the latest and greatest.

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