8 Places for Fashion Shopping in Tokyo


Upon visiting Tokyo, we fell in love with it. They have so much stuff to offer and the experience of shopping in this city is a delight. We were particularly impressed by the high fashion in Tokyo, but in this city you can get just about anything you might want. With that in mind, we wanted to share you a list that includes some of the best fashion shopping places in Tokyo.


Best Shops in and Around Tokyo

In our opinion, Tokyo is one of the best cities for fashion shopping in the world. These shopping districts have practically everything you can ever dream of buying, from trendy fashion, luxury goods, to handmade crafts and electronics. We recommend you familiarize yourself with these areas.

Top Places to Shop in Tokyo

The following are a few notable shopping neighborhoods

1. Shinjuku
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesShinjuku can be a great place for fashion shopping in Tokyo and at the same time it also features electronics as well as CDs and vinyls. It’s a very good place for purchasing clothes, but while in the area you should also consider checking out the Kita-Kore Building as it has lots of fashion stores! If you are pressed for time and only have one area to visit, then head to Shinjuku Station. Feels like a massive shopping centre converged around the area. This is a fashion haven for both locals and tourists, wandering around endlessly and having a great time.

2. Harajuku
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesHarajuku has been the epitome of Tokyo teen fashion for decades and the soul for Japanese street style. From eccentric small shops to second hand, vintage stores and clothing or accessory-related shops, all of those can be accessed here without a problem. Global trends have arisen from this small neighbourhood and countless designers have made a name for themselves catering towards the fashion needs of young adults. Harajuku’s backstreets and boutiques offer cheaper alternatives but still considered very fashionable and swanky. We love the trendy styles at BAPE, Journal Standard and Comme des Garcons, so spend some time here if you have a chance.

3. Marunouchi
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesLocated nearby Tokyo Station this area offers some of the best shopping throughout Tokyo. It’s definitely less crowded than Harajuku or Shibuya. Marunouchi Naka-dori is the main shopping strip that delivers the best upscale brand shops and restaurants. Large crowds also gather during winter for their gorgeous illuminations. We visited in the summer and thought the vibe here was great, as we rested and had a couple of dinner dates on the outdoor patios.

3. Akihabara
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesAkihabara is a hub for electronics and here you can get anything that is geek-related. The shopping culture here is heaven to anime and gaming fans and it’s certainly worth a visit to see the intense atmosphere.`Shopping and eating is a recurring theme in and around Tokyo and Akihabara has the strangest ones. We visited Cospatio in Akihabara which specializes in selling cosplay costumes and miscellaneous goods, all centered around manga, anime and games of course. This type of fashion shopping comes with a wide variety of cosplay uniforms, accessories, wigs and also makeup. I urged my girlfriend to try one on but she didn’t have the heart to.

4. Shimo-Kitazawa
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesThis is a renowned destination for young trendsetters with lined alleyways of vintage and quirky stores scattered throughout. Thrifty shoppers will love the discounts and deals. Prices vary so shop around and you’ll definitely find something to suit your budget. Haight & Ashbury sells unisex clothing and regularly updates their collections and Don Don Down is a must visit, particularly on Wednesdays, when they have their unique weekly sales and offer clothing for next to nothing.

5. Shibuya
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesShibuya is one of the best places for fashionable people in Tokyo. Not only will you find some the hottest fashions here, you’ll also find some unusual ones. We’ve never had so much fun people watching, as spotting the latest trends can be easily seen from any coffee shop. For shopping, Shibuya 109 is an iconic shopping mall loaded with trendy clothing stores, anything beauty related and extravagant accessories. Be prepared to be amazed by the subculture that was born from gyaru to punk and lolita styles.

6. Nakameguro
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesSince we wanted to go fashion shopping in Tokyo, many people told us that Nakameguro is the place to be. And they were right. Here you can find a wide range of fashion shops, accessories and even some nice cafes. Purchase some one of a kind vintage pieces here too, that will be an interesting conversational starter back home. J’Antiques has some amazing vintage collections and Blue Blue has cool indigo blue denim. Many stores open up shop at around 11am as this correlates to how laid back and relaxed this area is.

7. Roppongi
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesWell known for their high end luxury goods and brand name shopping, it is in fact one of the best balanced fashion districts in Tokyo. Head over to Roppongi Hills, not only for the fashion, but for traditional Japanese souvenirs, stationery and restaurants. There seems to be something around every corner, from designer boutiques, art galleries, structures and museums. We always love eating and drinking at the various restaurants and cafes here after a long, delightful day of shopping.

8. Kagurazaka
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesKagurazaka is a very quiet and quaint neighborhood perfect for a romantic stroll. One of the reasons we wanted to go shopping in Tokyo is that you can easily get a kimono here and numerous fashion items. There are also plenty of traditional restaurants, grocery stores and handmade apparel shops as well. Sada is a specialized shop that sells high-quality clothing, shoes and knick-knacks made from craftspeople all over Japan.

9. Asakusa
asakusa-roxAsakusa literally has anything you want. From merchants to artisans and lots of food shops, you have it all here. If you want to explore old and modern Tokyo, we believe this is the best way to do it! Asakusa Rox is the main shopping center composed of 3 modern buildings, including a fun game center. Inside you’ll find mainly fashion clothing stores and Uniqlo, the cheap and chic apparel brand popping up with stores worldwide.

10. Ginza
best,fashion,shopping,tokyo,couplesFrom posh boutiques to stunning department stores, we believe that Ginza is maybe the best place for couples shopping in Tokyo. It’s not only linked to expensive shopping but there are also very interesting options for shopping on an affordable budget. Ginza has numerous high rise department stores, which sometimes amazingly spans an entire block. Mitsukoshi, Wako and Matsuya are just a few of the stores around Ginza that are worth visiting. We bought plenty of stuff from this fashion district and I am certain you will do so as well.

From fashion shopping in Tokyo to just getting supplies or examining the art in the city, all these shopping districts can offer you that and so much more. We had a very good time exploring these locations and ended up purchasing quite a lot of clothing items. You should definitely try out any of these shopping districts as they are a pleasure to discover!

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