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Ultimate Gift Shopping in Tokyo You Must Have Before Leaving Japan

One of the best pleasures of traveling internationally is spending your time choosing the best souvenir. A lot of gift shopping in Tokyo could be a perfect place to find some good items for your family and friends back home; however, if you are having a hard time to find something, we will suggest to you some of the best and sought after gift items you should buy.


What are the Best Souvenir Items to Buy?

• Traditional Crafts
To commemorate your travel and gift shopping in Tokyo, why not get some traditional crafts. I recommend that you get your name etched into a piece of wood known as Senjafuda. These are papers, which were left by travelers at shrines, and thanks to its creative and unique designs, these have become sought after among tourists as a souvenir. Apart from that, you can also get yourself traditional items such as dolls, woodblock prints, pottery and even a set of yukata.

• Washi (Japanese Paper)
If you are into Japanese paper, you can go to Bingoya. We decided to visit this shop because they are devoted to Japanese crafts. The store will definitely satisfy you as a souvenir shopper. Apart from that, their handmade washi is no doubt oh-so-practical, along with book covers, card holders and so much more. Their carefully selected products are sculpted from skilled craftsmen throughout different regions of Japan.

• Japanese Sweets
Japan has the biggest and best selection of flavors and sweets and you will find numerous snacks exclusive to only Tokyo. Apart from their traditional Japanese sweets referred as wagashi, I suggest the everyday sweets and snacks, which you could find in the brick and mortar store and convenience stores. When the person you are planning to give a present to likes to drink, I prefer to treat them to some salty snacks such as Curls and Pretz. On the other hand, if they have a sweet tooth like my girlfriend, I suggest buttery sweets or chocolate like Kinoko-no-Yama or Pocky.

• High-Quality Green Tea
When we talk about gift shopping in Tokyo for green tea, it is not going to be at the conventional store. The most beneficial and delicious green tea is fresh from Japan. Japanese green tea is considered as a high-end quality product. If you plan to buy, I suggest places like Ippodo Tokyo Store. You can choose tea while taste testing there.

Other Souvenir Items You Can Buy:
• Gadgets
A lot of people are not fooling you when they tell you that Japan, especially Tokyo is the mecca of gadgets and other hi-tech items. If you want to buy yourself a new phone or a new rice cooker, there’s only one place for you – go to Akihabara. Not only are stores around this area hard to beat, but also their items are fairly priced too.

• Pop Culture Goods
Akihabara is not the only strip for electronic items, but the area is gradually being developed as the ultimate center for all pop culture goods – a convenient lace to satisfy your pop culture indulgence. Together with anime merchandise, TV characters, these shops are loaded with a lot of souvenir items.


Every neighborhood in Tokyo has its own unique flavor and atmosphere, and that denotes the gift items available are vast. These are only some of the best items for your gift shopping in Tokyo. You could find gift items for you to utilize personally, however, there is also a wide selection of items, which you can present as gifts, which will definitely be a hit among your family and friends.

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