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When shopping with my girlfriend, I always expect that it is not only about clothes and accessories, it is also about makeup. Buying Japanese cosmetics in Shibuya is not difficult as there are a lot of places to shop for it. As we stroll around Shibuya, buying Japanese cosmetics here was never a hassle, I even got the chance to surprise my girlfriend with pointing out a place where she can also enjoy some time in a nail salon.


Shibuya’s Top 8 Recommended Cosmetic Stores

If you are one of those travelers who are currently staying in Shibuya but don’t know where to find Japanese cosmetics, then I have prepared a list of the places where you may buy the cosmetics based from the recent visit me and my girlfriend had in Tokyo.
The following are the best places where you may purchase Japanese cosmetics in Shibuya:

1. Tokyu Department Store

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesSince we were looking for popular brands, we were fortunate enough to visit Tokyu Department Store in our visit to Shibuya. Every counter has makeup options to offer and most were from popular brands. There are high-end brands like the Shiseido products that you can purchase with the assistance of well trained sales clerks.

2. Drugstores

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesUnlike the drugstores in other countries where medicines and other pharmaceutical products can be found, drugstores in Japan are also selling toiletries and kitchen utensils, cosmetics, and a lot more. Luckily, Shibuya has a lot of drugstores where cosmetics are relatively cheaper and Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Seijo are some of the popular ones we looked into.

3. Shibuya Hikarie

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesThis establishment just like many other stores in Shibuya, pretty much has everything that you need and their cosmetics section has high-end brands being offered. For women with sensitive skin there is a wonderful store that sells nothing but wholly organic cosmetics.  We were surprised at the range of Japan’s organic cosmetics available!

4. Don Quijote

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesDonki pretty much has everything that a shopper needs. What makes it a perfect go to by most locals, couples and tourists is the fact that the products are all inexpensive. Though we haven’t got the time to look further, we found some fragrances and cosmetics in the store, which make it a great option for buying Japanese cosmetics in Shibuya at a cheap price.

5. Seibu

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesThis is where my friend recommended to us from our previous visit. There were counters on the first floor that were focused on makeup alone where if you have time, can even get a make-over from one of the brand experts. Since the nail salon is on the M2 floor, I brought my girlfriend there after she made her cosmetic purchases.

6. Loft

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesBasically, the store has a lot of things to offer and cosmetics are the ones we found as we visited its multiple floors. This branch also has a great selection of many well-known brands including cute Japanese brands too. My girlfriend was particularly interested in the adorable nail polish and kit selections.

7. Sony Plaza

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesVisiting Shibuya 109, we found Sony Plaza as one of the places offering miscellaneous goods and that included cosmetics. A chain store that offers a nice range of skincare and makeup.

8. Marui

best,shopping,cosmetics,shibuya,couplesThough there are no cosmetics floor found in Marui, there is this @cosme store we checked out on its fifth floor where a wealth of information about beauty can be found. My girlfriend loved the fact that she can buy the products included in the store’s ranking, which made her really happy for the day we spent shopping for makeup.

As you can tell from this extensive list of shops, Shibuya is a great location for makeup shopping in fashion first Tokyo. Whenever you go out make sure to remember to bring your Passport as most places offer duty free shopping. You will find a lot of variety and the wide range of products and prices makes this area a favorite among locals and foreigners alike.


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