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Use this as your shopping map for buying Japanese cosmetics in Shinjuku from my recent trip to Tokyo. Finding the right place where you buy Japanese cosmetics may somehow be difficult, but I’m hoping that I can help you by using this short guide from the trip I had with my girlfriend in Shinjuku for buying makeup.


Where Are The Best Cosmetic Stores in Shinjuku?

Roaming around Shinjuku, there are a lot of cosmetic stores that you can visit and find various cosmetics ranging from the cheapest ones to the high-end brands that my girlfriend was eager to find while staying in Japan. As we were roaming around, I managed to create a list of the stores we visited and features that every shop has to offer.

11 Places to Buy Makeup in Shinjuku

1. Skinfood
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesI was amazed with this store. As the name suggests, Skinfoods concept is cosmetics created that is beneficial for your bare skin. It has a wide range of sample items and some small cosmetics. However, we didn’t attempt to buy anything as most were really overpriced and could ruin our budget.

2. Etude House
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesThis shop is so charming and cute and offers a lot of the best items from numerous brands. We noticed the customers appeared to range from teenagers to seniors probably due to having a vast line of products for face, hair, skin, body and nails.

3. Plaza
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesJust like what my girlfriend told me, the store has brands that she hasn’t seen in other stores. There are even bath salts, snacks and quirky gadgets as well as other items that I found not related with cosmetics. Shopping here is great for couples because while she’s shopping for makeup you can check out other interesting things.

4. Jill Stuart Beauty
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesThis store showcases a girly atmosphere with its pretty colors. Though I’m not really into makeup and checking out the look of a store, the aesthetic aspect of this place can actually catch the attention of passersby.

5. Muji
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesThis simple minimalistic shop caught our attention especially after we researched online to places offering cosmetics made from basic ingredients. There were also these acrylic storage and jars that are meant for those who love hoarding makeup. Muji makeup is great if you’re on a tight budget.

6. DHC
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesThis well-lit store has various makeup products and surprisingly, there were protein shakes and diet pills that you can find in the store.

7. @Cosme Store
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesJust like all girls, my girlfriend has the tendency of checking whether one brand ranks higher than the other and this store was able to help her. The brands were displayed according to rank, which makes picking the best one easier.

8. Skinholic
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesThose with an eye for Korean skincare products should visit this store. Well, this is one of the places we checked out where there were a lot of tester bottles for new products and the interior was well-lit while products are displayed according to type which makes comparisons easier.

9. Takashimaya
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesThis is where we found all high-end makeup options without dealing with a huge crowd. Maybe because of its location, the place is a bit quieter than the other stores we visited.

Additional shops you can visit for buying Japanese cosmetics in Shinjuku are:

10. Don Quijote
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesCosmetics in the shop are cheaper but many are offered in thick packaging so if you’re the type who likes to take things out of the box and take a closer look it’ll be hard pressed here. Probably, this is their way of avoiding shoplifters getting the products out and leaving the empty package hanging.

11. The Face Shop
best,shopping,cosmetics,shinjuku,couplesThis was near Skinholic so we entered the store to see what’s inside. It has lots of stock to choose from and also a great store to shop for buying cosmetics in Shinjuku. The shop is conveniently located at Korea Town in Tokyo.

What I found interesting was that the cosmetics and makeup that my girlfriend bought in Shinjuku was eligible for duty free but had to be packaged in a tamper free bag. So she couldn’t use it during her time in Japan and if you decided to then it’s at your own discretion. However, we were not checked for duty free items by Japanese customs officers on our way back home.

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