The Best Second Hand Shop in Tokyo


Tokyo is one of the cities in Japan my girlfriend and I want to visit again. Not only for the excellent cuisines but the second hand shops present in the City. If you take a walk in Tokyo, you will discover the different shops that will not only provide you with cheap clothes but excellent quality items as well. It would be good to take a ride and visit a Second Hand Shop in Tokyo right now.


Vintage and Second Hand Store Guide

Tokyo is rich when it comes to fashion and style and the city can’t seem to get any better but does. With the new shops and retail stores lined in blocks, you are assured to have the best Second Hand Shopping in Tokyo. Yes, I was mesmerized by the many places here where I could purchase clothes at a low price. Things are only getting better as you roam around the city.

Top 5 Places for Second Hand Shopping in Tokyo

1. Harajuku Chicago


If you are looking for a wide range of American and European style clothing, this one would suit your taste due to the authentic items sold. Prices are surely reasonable and the place could be easily located due to the men’s and ladies clothing that it provides. Dating couples would love this store as there’s something for everyone. My girlfriend especially liked the fact that they sold real vintage Japanese kimono clothing at this location. It was such a thrill for us in visiting the place.

2. Hayatochiri Koenji Kitakore

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The eccentric shop interior of this place is as famous as the items being sold here. Together with unique and authentic brands, the place is simply amazing with the wide selection of caps, clothes and jewelry accessories that are found here. Browse one-of-a-kind funky items you won’t find anywhere else in the world which can be purchased for a super reasonable price. We usually enjoy our visits here and have purchased numerous things over the years. Many young designers for this store reside in Koenji and if you want a taste of over-the-top Harajuku style without the price tag, then head to Koenji. Hayatochiri is conveniently located in the Kitakore Building, just 3 mins walk from JR Koenji Station.

3. Eva Fashion Art


If you love art books, posters and high-end vintage designer labels, this vintage store in Tokyo is one of the best places to visit. You will have a wide selection of women’s European wear that can be purchased for a small sum. This is a good example of a Second Hand Shop in Tokyo that delivers jewelries, antiques, books and women’s accessories. Really fun to browse but a little above our price range.

4. Ragla Magla in Shimokitazawa


With it’s “All for 990 yen” section, the Ragla Magla in Shimokitazawa is one of the best second hand shops in Tokyo you would want to visit. The place has a wide selection of Western clothes, men’s and ladies items, dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories for you to purchase. Even the non-fanatics of second hand shops would love to check out the line of fashion goods in this place. Who knew vintage and used clothing could look so good? I guess my girlfriend did, as she walked out with a cute retro jacket and a checkered sweater.

5. Flamingo Harajuku


This store has a great mix from the 1960’s to 90’s with 2 other locations in Shimokitazawa and Kichijoji. They offer a multitude of men’s and ladies clothing, accessories, vintage jewelry and other quality items. Whenever we shop at Flamingo Harajuku, there are always different items in stock so you’ll never get bored. The atmosphere, prices and selection makes this the perfect stop.

Second Hand Shopping in Tokyo is a great experience to make especially if you’re on a limited budget. We’ve been to used vintage shops overseas before and it pales in comparison to what’s offered in Japan. We enjoyed every moment of our shopping and so can you if you go and take a visit to these exciting places in Tokyo.

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