A Guide on Buying Electronics in Shibuya


Though Shibuya is widely known for fashion shopping it’s also a great place to find the latest gadgets and electronic devices. As my girlfriend and I tend to roam around places for quite a long time during our stay, we still found some of the best shops for buying electronics here. It is undeniable that Tokyo is a place where you can find a lot of electronic gadgets that can aid in everyday life. However, as tourists we were mostly focused on what could improve the function of our devices or buy accessories and enhancements.


Where to Find Electronics or Electric Products in Shibuya

When buying electronics in Shibuya, there are several shops that you can visit around the area. It is best that you can find a guide that can help you in exploring or who can point out some of the best places for electronic supplies. Basically, the shop that you’ll find depends mainly on what you are looking for.

As we were roaming around, I realized that numerous establishments were offering a mix of everything. Most of the shops were more than 5 floors while others have some underground levels. Every floor is usually focused on offering a certain category of items and you can easily find those where electronic products are offered. Whether you are in the search for appliances or gadgets, there are electronic shops that can provide various products that can meet your needs.

Finding the Right Electronic Shops

Provided that there are various options, it is best that you know what you are looking for. Just like we did, instead of visiting every establishment, we tried looking for shops where the items we needed were potentially offered. I was searching for phone accessories and my girlfriend was interested in finding those rice cookers and unique gadgets that we see in the movies and Japanese shows, so we tried looking for it at:

Tokyu Hands
best,places,buy,electronics,shibuyaEverytime I’m in Japan we frequent this store at least once on our trip. This is a nice place to visit for couples because my girlfriend tells me that she can buy items in the jewelry and DIY craft section while waiting for me to browse. Although there’s not a huge selection of electronic offerings the main reason I keep returning is for the enormous and ever-changing collection of smartphone cases. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of cases I’ve purchased. Even boring items like chargers and pc supplies are made more fun with a touch of color.

Don Quijote
best,places,buy,electronics,shibuyaThis place is a one stop for everything including electronics! The F2 floor is where you want to go to buy home electronics, DVD, phone/accessories and car gadgets. It’s no wonder why this store is always packed with locals and tourists as we spotted many electronic equipment at cheaper prices.

Apple Store Shibuya
best,places,buy,electronics,shibuyaThis consumer electronics store has a metallic exterior with space age furnishings and is truly a mecca for iphone, Macbook and iPad enthusiasts. If you’re in Japan for a quick visit then this store is worth checking out but if you have more time definitely visit the neighboring premiere store in Ginza, the striking glass and stainless steel six floor centre is a sight to behold.

BIC Camera
best,places,buy,electronics,shibuyaDespite the name here we found computers, mobile phones, accessories and audio video equipment. Of course, there were a lot of cameras to choose from. I love Japanese electronics because they are famous for their high quality and durability.


As what we have experienced, we spent almost the whole day finding electronic shops however, since we had specific items in mind our decisions on buying electronics in Shibuya were easy to make. Also browsing through the latest technology was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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