Best Shopping in Shibuya for Couples


A vacation is never complete without doing some shopping and this is what my girlfriend and I did in Shibuya. Finding the best shopping in Shibuya Tokyo is not really difficult as anyone who’s been here would agree that there are a lot of choices in the area. Shibuya, as the major shopping district in Tokyo, offers various shopping malls and other recreational establishments that both locals and tourists can enjoy. If you are planning to visit Japan, like we did, make sure that you don’t miss any of the destinations included in my top 10 list.


Shibuya’s Shopping Fashion Paradise

The fact that there are a lot of shopping destinations in Shibuya make it easy for you to consider thinking of Shibuya as the ultimate shopping fashion paradise. At first we weren’t really thinking of shopping for a lot of things, but as we went through the entire Shibuya and discovered all the shopping destinations we managed to check each place and bought things that caught our attention. We also managed to buy clothes for ourselves and souvenirs to bring back to friends.

Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Shibuya

1. Shibuya Hikarie

best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesAs we entered this new shopping mall, we were surprised to see that it is not only an establishment for fashion items and houseware but is also a place for various restaurants where we got to have some delicious snacks. This mall also offers a variety of special fashion and beauty supplies. My girlfriend particularly enjoyed the shopping here while I enjoyed the lookout on the observation level.

2. Shibuya 109
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesAs mentioned, located in the heart of Shibuya this is considered as the fashion paradise in Tokyo. There is no doubt about it since the 10-floor shopping mall is packed with small shops offering all kinds of fashion items from trendy clothes to beauty products. Tourists who want to see the latest fashion trends especially among young adults should experience this shop. Also, it is the first iconic building at one of the world’s most famous crossings, anyone would see immediately upon entering Shibuya.

3. Shibuya Parco
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesThis establishment fulfills both your shopping and life entertainment needs in Tokyo. This is not your usual department store. Fun place to hang out where goods are much more original and exclusive. Few of the popular places in the shopping complex are My Melody Café, Shibuya Pop Culture Market, and the popular Mugiwara ONE PIECE Shop.

4. Don Quijote (Donki)
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesConsidered as one of Japan’s largest discount stores Donki, the shop has probably everything that you can think of. Also, the items are offered at reasonable prices, which enticed us to buy more items at a cheaper cost than anywhere in Tokyo. This is definitely one of our best and favorite stores stacked from floor to ceiling with miscellaneous knick-knacks at every turn.

5. Shibuya Mark City
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesIf you are dropping by JR Shibuya Station and want some shopping done, you can directly go to Shibuya Mark City since it is directly connected to the station. Though most are women’s fashion items and accessories, you can check other shops and restaurants in the complex. Lots of shops and eateries offering an amazing array of fancy foods.

6. Tokyu Hands
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesAn 8-floor building that is focused on offering creative craft and DIY materials, my girlfriend was super interested with the range of options on art supplies, stationery and even outdoor equipment, as well as travel items. You can find items for couples as well as unique and fun stationary which can only be bought in Japan.

7. Shibuya Loft
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesWe found this 7-floor building as a great alternative for Tokyu Hands since it is also offering both craft and hobby items and other lifestyle products. Didn’t spend enough time here but will return on my next trip.

8. Seibu
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesThis 10-floor establishment is where you can find both men’s and women’s apparel and are divided in two adjacent buildings with Wing A for the ladies and Wing B for men and children. Brand name clothing and accessories can also be found on the main floor by the cosmetic section. Famous Japanese sweets also make a great gift and can be found on basement floor B1.

9. Disney Store
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesIf you’re a Disney fan like many of us are, visit this shop for some original merchandise that covers all popular Disney characters. Disney Japan has unique and limited merchandise than the rest of the world which we found pretty cool. You can also buy DisneySea or Disneyland tickets here.

10. Tower Records
best,places,shopping,tokyo,couplesThe largest music retail outlet in Japan, Tower Records is where music lovers can stay for a while since it does not only offer various music record goods but also has a book shop, a streaming area and a place for live performances.


Shibuya is probably one of my favourite areas to shop in Tokyo. It’s also a perfect place to go out on a date because of the numerous restaurants, drinking establishments and late night shopping provided. Head out, especially at night, when the giant video screens and bright neon lights illuminate the city. My recommendation is to wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking!

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