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Visiting Tokyo is open not only for the exciting surroundings of the city but also the shopping centers located there. My girlfriend and I had the chance to go to Tokyo and the experience was amazing. Tokyo is so diverse that we recommend you check out all these places as the great shopping areas cater to different tastes, interests and age groups.


Shopping Centres in Tokyo You Should Not Miss

Each of the shopping centers we have visited had a variety of items that are sold for an affordable price. Yes, we enjoyed our time and guarantee you will too, if you visit each Shopping Center. Plan your time accordingly as there’s so much to see in so little time.

List of the Top 7 Tokyo Shopping Centers

1. Futakotamagawa Rise

top,shopping,centres,tokyoWith the large spaces it has, you will not feel crowded even though there are so many people. The mall has a variety of shops inside and cinemas if you love watching theater. The shopping center at times provides fireworks to the delight of the crowd. When I saw the place, I was mesmerized with the awesome ambiance. After our ramen dinner, we took a romantic stroll outside along the parkway where you can catch a glimpse of the sunset and riverside.

2. KITTE Marunouchi

top,shopping,centres,tokyoThis place was once a post office back in the olden days. The awesome interior of the place is set to capture any visitors and the tourist’s interests. My girlfriend and I found the place amazing especially the Atrium area that lets in natural light used for different seasonal events and entertainment. We were here for Christmas and the tree was beautiful. There’s also a top floor observation terrace where you can look down upon Tokyo Station which is a really spectacular sight.

3. Tokyo Station

top,shopping,centres,tokyoWe visited Tokyo Station and were fascinated by the view of the place and surroundings. It resembles an amazing place to start family bonding with friends and family. We also thoroughly enjoyed the restaurants and pubs found at the mall. If you have time, unwind and have a wine or cocktail in their numerous establishments.

4. Tokyo Solamachi

top,shopping,centres,tokyoThis place has a rich variety of shops and restaurants that could be fitted to a new or dating couple. The famous Sky Tree is set to capture the attraction of the people who are regular visitors looking for spectacular views of Tokyo. The aquariums and other attractions provide a distinctive look to the visitors of the place. Don’t forget to visit Studio Ghibli, Pokemon Center and finish off with the bubble waffle with vanilla ice cream, one of the best desserts we’ve had in Tokyo.

5. Omotesando Hills

top,shopping,centres,tokyoThis is considered as one of the top Shopping Centers in Tokyo. You can find top designer brands in the area as well as a taste of Japanese ones too. The brand is rich with the atmosphere of fun and excitement due to the features it has for clients. I consider this a haven and enjoyed most of the shops lined there.

Additional Shopping Centres you can visit for your shopping are:

6. Venus Fort, Odaiba

top,shopping,centres,tokyoThis is included in the list of Shopping Centers in Tokyo Top 7 due to the unique potrayals of the sun and night settings. Other tourist attractions of the place are the restaurants, shopping lineup brands and jewelry shops present in the area. We enjoyed the food and the fascinating view it provides. Aside from this, my girlfriend and I had an excellent time bargain shopping.

7. Lala Port, Toyosu

top,shopping,centres,tokyoWith the 540 stores it has, Lalaport makes a perfect mall to have fun and relax. The area of the mall is large enough to accommodate a large number of tourists and local people. It also became famous due to the excellent service it provides to most of its clients. My girlfriend found some great bargains and we easily spent the whole day here without realizing the time.

In visiting the top 7 Tokyo Shopping Centers, you will have time to enjoy the view and the amazing attractions given by these wonderful places. Hence, you will surely enjoy a good time and experience on your vacation.

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