Shibuya 109 Guide to Shopping


Shopping in Tokyo is amazing, but you don’t get the best experience until you go shopping in Shibuya 109. Coming here is a one of a kind experience to begin with, but when you start navigating the shopping skyscraper and see all of its amazing offerings you will definitely be impressed by everything. We went shopping in Shibuya 109 a few weeks ago and for us this was a mesmerizing, albeit a bit noisy and quite a demanding experience. There’s a multitude of shops here, so we wanted to write this article to help you find the best shopping places in this massive landmark skyscraper.


Shibuya 109 Top Stores

Here’s a list of stores you should visit in no particular order

Liz Lisa

best,shopping,shibuya,109,couplesLiz Lisa is a brand of sweet and pretty style. It’s not uncommon to see a Japanese girl dressed up in fur-lined jackets, pretty dresses or rompers. Their line of clothing is very feminine, using flowers, frilly fabric and soft colors that complements women’s figures. They are often featured in fashion magazines and have lots of discounts in-store.


best,shopping,shibuya,109,couplesThis shop is found on the first basement floor and it does provide plenty of clothing styles for everyone. Usually the clothes found here are created from natural fibers and they are a delight to wear. The sheer combination of colors and unique visual experience provided here is definitely showing why Shagadelic is well worth a visit. We also noticed that there were many accessories on sale here to complement any outfit.

Esperanza XYZ

best,shopping,shibuya,109,couplesIf you are in the market for a unique pair of shoes or boots, take a stroll down to the first basement floor for a good variety of funky footwear. My girlfriends personal favorite for buying footwear is here, where all the shoes are made in Japan. Add a little flirty fun in your wardrobe and head over to Esperanza XYX where we found the prices to be more than reasonable.


best,shopping,shibuya,109,couplesA cool clothing store found at the 2nd basement floor. Here you can access refined, clean clothing that has a unique style and an astounding perspective. Shopping at SLY can be a pleasure, especially since you can easily find clothes that suit any fashion style. Purchasing clothes are very well worth it, as the shops concept is focused on bold colors, retro prints and denim. Interestingly, Shibuya 109 is geared towards women only but couples can be seen walking around just browsing outside the stores.

Ruby to Be!

best,shopping,shibuya,109,couplesThis great clothing shop is filled with a wide range of options that you can browse at any given time. They are mostly focused on the bohemian style and have a wide array of colors you can go through! Ruby to Be has more than enough apparel to satisfy any shopper and the stylish staff are always helpful with their suggestions.

Cecil McBee

best,shopping,shibuya,109,couplesCecil McBee is a clothes shop that can be found on the second level. They allow you to purchase accessories, stunning dresses and you will have a perfect blend of colors here. It’s maybe one of the best places for clothes shopping in Shibuya 109 and we really enjoyed everything they have to offer. The prices are ok too, and the fact that you can access some of the coolest apparel items on the market here does show you the great value offered by this clothing shop! They combine casual with elegance without making you spend a fortune for style.


best,shopping,shibuya,109,couplesAn urban and trendy popular brand in Shibuya 109. They offer high quality luxury and casual apparel for women to show off their individual style. Look forward to their denim, knits, sweaters, shoes and cute purses. Moussy’s concept is geared towards the sophisticated, powerful mature women, which is different from most stores in 109.

As you can see, shopping in Shibuya 109 can be so fun! All these great shops were amazing to visit and we recommend you to give them a try whenever you have a chance. They will provide you with an incredible value for your money, so let go and embrace the Shibuya girl lifestyle. Bargain shopping sales can be had here especially if you plan to visit right after the New Year. There’s so much competition in Tokyo for fashion, so new shops and fresh trends are always being featured.

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