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Why would you want to buy these Tokyo Japanese snacks?

I recently went to Tokyo with my girlfriend and we were both very impressed with the wide array of snacks that you can find out there. The Japanese put so much creativity into their snacks that it either produces magical results or weird tasting treats. We’ve encountered interesting foods during our travels before but with the unique flavor combinations, it’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. Honestly, it can be hard to figure out which are the best Japanese snacks in Tokyo as there are so many of them. This is why we decided to list the ones that we liked the most, based on our experience with them.

Top Japanese Snacks You Must Try

Check out the following snacks below

Kit Kat

best,japanese,snacks,tokyoWe all know this snack is made from chocolate and wafers but the great thing about Kit Kat in Japan is that you have dozens of different flavors and aromas. Japanese people like to experiment here, so you can find Sakura Matcha, Bean Cake, European Cheese Kit Kat and so on. If you’re feeling particularly bold, choose the wasabi version, which I didn’t really care for but my girlfriend liked.


best,japanese,snacks,tokyoEven though this is a German word, this is a snack that originates from Japan. It basically has the allure of a tree cake since the rings you find here are basically similar to tree rings. Consumers here demand choice and novelty as much as they love their traditional snacks. Tokyo airports and train stations carry these in limited edition flavors. We found Baumkuchen to be delicious and would love to try it again.


best,japanese,snacks,tokyoNingyoyaki is one of the best Japanese snacks in Tokyo. This is basically a small cake that’s baked into doll and animal shapes and created by adding sugar, eggs and flour. It’s sweet and tasty! We’ve seen these at festivals and sweet shops in Tokyo and they’re best eaten fresh right after you buy them. If you’re planning to take these home as souvenirs then purchase them right before your departure, at souvenir shops or the airport duty free.

Bankaku Yukari

best,japanese,snacks,tokyoMy Japanese friend recommended this to us and it was well worth trying for sure! These crackers might be simple when you first see them, but they are double baked and have an incredible taste. Bankaku Yukari made from fresh shrimp to create that wondrous rich aroma. The crunchy texture and fragrance is very alluring and is quite a famous souvenir item.


hiyokoHiyoko is a chick-shaped snack which was created around 100 years ago. It has a sweet bean paste inside the pastry shell. We found these special limited-edition ones at the Tokyo Skytree souvenir store but you can also buy these at major train stations and airports throughout the city. This treat is delicious and eating a couple of these will definitely help you keep the hunger pangs away.

Kamakura Hangetu Half Moon

best,japanese,snacks,tokyoThis one is a thin wheat layered rice cracker. It has a rabbit motif which we found to be very interesting and also comes with some cream sandwiched in between the crackers. The cream type varies based on what Kamakura Hangetu you purchase! You guessed it, we had ours as an afternoon snack while visiting Kamakura with matcha cream filling and Japanese green tea.

Tokyo Campanella

best,japanese,snacks,tokyoWith Tokyo Campanella you get a stellar chocolate cookie sandwich that has cocoa from France. It’s made with special high quality ingredients and has an exquisite taste. They’re an ideal choice for souvenir gifts and are very tastily addictive. I liked the original dark chocolate variety while my girlfriend preferred the milder white chocolate version.

Shiroi Koibito

best,japanese,snacks,tokyoShiroi Koibito directly translates to “White Lover” and is one of the most popular Japanese cookies ever. The box states how this name came to fruition. These great cookies have premium butter biscuits with chocolate placed in between them. They come in a milk and white chocolate version and it’s a shame that they aren’t readily available outside of Japan. Having won numerous awards, many consider them to be the best Japanese snacks in Tokyo as they are a pleasure to eat.

Calbee Jaga Pokkuru

best,japanese,snacks,tokyoI love fries and my girlfriend does too, so eating the Calbee Jaga Pokkuru snack was a delightful experience because of that. Since these fries are created from all natural Hokkaido-grown potatoes that aren’t peeled, they have a distinct, stunning flavor that makes them amazing and nothing short of delicious. Be warned thought that the crispy texture with a touch of sea salt will keep you hooked and wanting more. Sometimes these snack are so popular that they’re sold out at the souvenir shops.

Tokyo Banana

best,japanese,snacks,tokyoHaving been awarded first prize before in the Tokyo souvenir rankings, this is another famous Japanese snack that you can bring home for your family and friends. Not only is Tokyo Banana tasty, but also very soft and has a great inner cream. The cream is actually a puree from strained bananas. There are lots of interesting novelty sweets you can choose from here.

After our trip, we were definitely more than impressed with the enormous amount of snacks they have on the market. If you have a hard time when it comes to finding the best Japanese snacks in Tokyo, you should consider giving the ones on this list a try. We enjoyed each and every one and still sometimes salivate when thinking of them!

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