Buying Souvenirs in Shibuya


Tokyo is a great place to find souvenirs, especially for high quality products that catch the eye. My girlfriend and I decided to take a day-trip for buying souvenirs in Shibuya and check out the top five places in the area. We managed to get to all the places quickly due to their location. However, we wanted to stay longer thanks to the many great selections that these shops offered.


Where to Buy Souvenirs in Shibuya

The five shops we visited were Line Friends Store, Kiddy Land, Oriental Bazaar, Tokyo’s Tokyo, and Wa-Zakka Muruara Watanabe. My girlfriend and I had visited the shops before separately, but this time we went together on one day to record our trip.

Line Friends Store:

buying,souvenirs,shibuya,couplesThis is the official character store for Line which makes it a very special place to shop. My girlfriend bought a couple of cookies while I snagged a plush toy and a t-shirt to give for souvenirs. The shop itself is very well organized with two levels for easy access to 400 or so items they have on sale. The friendly staff ensure that you enjoy your visit and it’s always packed with tourists and locals alike. You can find the store on the Meiji Dori Harajuku.

Kiddy Land:

buying,souvenirs,shibuya,couplesCute may be the best word to describe the souvenirs in this shop which offers lots of Hello Kitty items, as well as many favorites like Star Wars, Rilakkuma, Disney, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang and more. There are multiple floors filled with super kawaii items and with every character imaginable at a decent price. This is a fun place for all ages and lets you be a kid at heart again. Not overly massive but the perfect toy store, which is why I do not take my nieces unless I want to spend a lot of money. However, I did buy my girlfriend a Hello Kitty doll.

We took a little break for lunch to look over what we had purchased before heading on to the second half of our shopping adventure.

Shop for Souvenirs in Shibuya

Oriental Bazaar:

buying,souvenirs,shibuya,couplesI should say that this was the most organized place on our trip. The variety here is great and if you’re looking for Japanese gifts at more than reasonable prices, then this is the place to go. Make sure to bring your passport to get the tax break on major purchases. Near Omotesando Dori, it’s hard to miss this shop that is shaped like a shrine. We found ourselves having to choose between clothing like kimonos and t-shirts in the basement before hitting the main floor that was filled with china, chopsticks, and all sorts of goodies. My girlfriend was contemplating about buying an ottoman on the second floor, but thought better and instead we decided to save our money for the next shop.

Tokyo’s Tokyo:

buying,souvenirs,shibuya,couplesThe souvenirs in this shop are not the ones typically found in most stores. Lots of inspired goods by manga and pop culture, I purchased a few interesting items like a kabuki face mask and sushi socks that were a scream. Wacky, but fun is a great way to describe the items here. After shopping, you should relax and grab a Starbucks while visiting the beautiful rooftop garden area.

Wa-Zakka Muruara Watanabe:

buying,souvenirs,shibuya,couplesIt was our first stop after leaving the Shibuya station which is close by. There’s so much Japanese arts & crafts displayed everywhere in-store and we also found a lot of little gems here. I bought a few magnets and a Japanese fan that my mother is going to love. Although many of the items in the store are trinkets, there are over 1,000 of them to choose from which is a lot.

We had a great time buying souvenirs in Shibuya. The best souvenirs are ones made in Japan and are rarely seen outside of Tokyo. Some, like the Oriental Bazaar take US money and the attendants speak English. If you are in the Shibuya area, it pays to hit these stores.

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