Best Izakayas in Shibuya Tokyo


Why You Should Visit These Shibuya Izakayas

When I visited Shibuya, the first thing I had in mind was to find a great Izakaya. I went to this city with my girlfriend with the idea of spending some time away from the day to day challenges and hassles we have to deal with most of the time. This was when we wanted to find the best Izakayas in Shibuya Tokyo, as a lot of people tend to say that here you can find some amazing Japanese bars. With that in mind, I tried multiple ones, and here you can find a list with some that I believe to be the very best!


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We had a very hard time getting reservations to Kotaro, and it’s easy to see why. Once you come here, they provide you with some of the best food in the region and the quality is indeed second to none all the time.

Inside is an nice open kitchen concept with a huge wooden counter. The friendly staff speak English and I for one was very impressed with both the food and drinks. The omakase menu is recommended and the tempura corn is especially impressive here, so give that a try!

Tsubakido BaRu


Our friend recommended this place to us, years ago but we’ve never actually tried it until recently. I’m sure glad we did as this wonderful place has a casual atmosphere with fantastic food. They provide you with an English menu and the service is quick.

Their famous mackerel dish and grilled vegetables complemented our sake perfectly. What’s nice is that the portions were bigger than other Izakayas we’ve been to and prices were very reasonable.

Honke Kanoya Kagoshima


Maybe the thing I liked the most here is that they import some stuff from Kanoya City and this does bring in front a sense of quality and richness to their food. The Kagoshima dishes are spectacular, and I do consider it to be one of the best Izakayas in Shibuya Tokyo. Most of the food we sampled were healthy and it’s a good idea to try out the pork steak here as it’s amazing.

Shibuya Udagawacho no Himonoya


The best part about this Izakaya is the expansive menu and the different specialties on offer. The grilled fish, deep fried chicken and sake clams were delicious. The list of beers, wine and sake were also amazing.

It’s a casual atmosphere but rather crazy during busy hours. This is a nice restaurant with great value, that has friendly and efficient staff. In the end, we paid 2500 yen per person (including drinks) and were quite full and satisfied!



Gonpachi has earned a reputation between tourists because it delivers handmade soba noodles, homemade sushi, and some really good appetizers. This Izakaya happens to be on the 14th floor which offers you a spectacular view of the city. Grab a window seat and enjoy the great atmosphere.

It’s recommended to make a reservation here as this restaurant is usually very busy. My girlfriend mentioned to me that over 90% of the patrons there were foreigners. One of the best things for me is that they don’t allow you to smoke inside, so if you are a non-smoker, this is a major benefit!



My favorite thing here is the authentic Japanese sake, although the food is very good too. It’s a place suitable for adults, not exactly the most family friendly location. Still, it’s a delight to come here, and you will enjoy the incredible quality delivered here.

Their presentation, premium seafood and seasonal vegetables are superb. Sushi here definitely pairs well with the drinks. Unosato has been around forever and with their loyal customers, do not look like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon.

Fujiya Honten


I found Fujiya Honten to be magnificent and they do have a very unique system. You order the food and pay for it when it arrives. Local businessmen frequent this standing bar, usually after work. Prices for food and alcohol are very reasonable and you will find lots of distinct delectables such as mushroom with cheese, tasty grilled dishes and tempura.

Bring a Japanese friend here as the menu is written on the wall in Japanese. Or surprise yourself and you might try something you never would’ve ordered regularly, but really liked. The wine list is huge and it’s usually pretty crowded but the vibe here is great.

Shunju Bunkamuradori


I couldn’t end this list without mentioning Shunju Bunkamuradori. Their food is outstanding, as well as the sake selection. The efficient staff are more than happy to help you select the best alcohol pairings. What makes this place amazing is the fact that they add a lot of veggies into the mix, perfect for my girlfriend.

They pride themselves on selecting the best organic vegetables and having the freshest ingredients. Plus, they do have a tasty red sea bream and roasted whole onion. I particularly liked the homemade tofu, which is yet another dish you may want to order here.


If you want to find Izakayas in Shibuya Tokyo, I believe these are the best options. We tried them all, and were delighted with the sheer quality and value that they deliver. Just consider checking these places out, and the experience will be more than impressive each and every time!

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