The Best Kobe Steak Restaurant in Tokyo – Finest Beef You Will Ever Try


While in the West you might be struggling to find some really good restaurants where steak is the main course. The Kobe steak is a 1/2 – quarter inch thick and can be put on the grill before it is prepared and served in under a minute. The melt-in-your mouth pieces could then be eaten with chopsticks or a fork. Kobe beef is so famous nowadays in Japanese cuisine and people are amazed with the restaurants that offer this type of dish.

This Kobe steak is somewhat of a tradition in Japan which is expensive and rare, but the Japanese have raised the beef to the highest levels and now these restaurants can be found in every corner, especially in the capital, Tokyo. Kobe steak is natural and contains healthy fats that can be melted at higher temperatures, so the meat is soft and fresh. It can be also eaten like sushi.


What are the Best Kobe Steak Restaurants That Can be Found in Tokyo?

Where can you enjoy Japanese cuisine with the best food quality provided to you? Here are some of my recommended Kobe steak restaurants that we’ve tried while in Tokyo.

Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511


During our stay there in Tokyo, I took my girlfriend to this place and I can say with certainty that the Kobe steak they serve is one of the best I have ever tried. You can have Kobe steak in so many ways, including Kobe beef croquette, sushi, salad and hamburger, just to name a few.

It can be served with or without sauce and the Kobe beef was presented incredibly with other ingredients that revealed the true taste of Kobe. It is amazing place where you can order 6 small courses, each of them with Kobe beef as a main feature. I have eaten a lot of grilled and amazing steaks in my lifetime, but I can truly say this is one of the best I have ever tried.

Gyu-An Ginza


My girlfriend loved the traditional Japanese style decor and charming setting of this restaurant. When you first arrive, you have to take off your shoes at the entrance and a staff, dressed up in a lovely kimono, directs you to your table. Suprisingly, the ladies spoke English quite well and were attentive to our needs, which made our meal quite pleasant. We chose the Kobe steak set menu for 10,000 yen, not cheap but well worth the price for a marvelous juicy, tender steak. You can also order the cheaper menu for 6,000 yen.

Our set came with garlic chips, Kobe beef carpaccio, salad and three different types of sauces. We chose to have our beef served as a steak but you can also choose to have it as sukiyaki or shabu-shabu. Gyu-An is a small restaurant with a great atmosphere for couples, groups and families. It can get pretty busy during peak times so I recommend you book ahead.

Han no Daidokoro Dogenzaka Shibuya


Another of my top choices for Kobe steak restaurants is Han no Daidokoro Dogenzaka which is a fabulous restaurant where you can indulge in top quality Japanese cuisine. They offer set menus, including Korean fare here for a reasonable price. The Kobe beef and Wagyu is ever so popular in this restaurant and the service is excellent. This is an amazing barbecue place for eating Kobe steak and you can also try some different cuts of meats.

The waiters speak English so you can easily understand each other and enjoy the food in a lovely atmosphere. Making a reservation is recommended if you don’t want to wait too long. The beef is served by the gram and you can choose from the 6 different types of meats and select your favorite one. Just remember that the beef is not going to be the huge slabs you’re used to getting back home. It’s quality over quantity in Japan! My girlfriend really liked this place and the marbled beef didn’t disappoint.



Here the Kobe beef is specially selected with the highest grade possible, and it shows. The atmosphere of the shop was so elegant but not overly formal and staff were very polite and friendly. This restaurant is slightly more expensive than the other places on the list, if you want more variety. There are 5 course selections to choose, ranging from the basic course for 5,000 yen to the special Chef’s choice for 15,000 yen.

The Chef prepared our meat in front of us, and then we cooked the beef to our desired tastes. This is an excellent place to take a date or for celebrating an anniversary. You can also book a private room or sit at the counter seats, depending on if you’re eating with friends or a loved one. We had a wonderful time and would come back to eat at this restaurant in a heartbeat.



This is a Kobe steak restaurant that you might not notice immediately while walking in the city. You can book a reservation online and the Kobe steak here is amazing. It feels more like a family run restaurant with an fun atmosphere where you will enjoy each second. I would also recommend it if you are going on a date, or having a business dinner, to visit this place.

The Kobe steak is the most popular dish in the restaurant, and you will crave more of this soft beef from your first bite. A beer or some fine wine would be the best accompaniment. I would really suggest you have some lunch or dinner here as the Chef cooks the food in front of you on a griddle and you just need to prepare yourself for an amazing food experience.


If you are wandering in Tokyo and don’t know where to go and try the best Japanese cuisines, re-consider my recommendations and make a booking in one of these Kobe steak restaurants and you won’t come back disappointed. These are among the best that serve Kobe steak dishes with the highest quality marbled beef imaginable.

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