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If you are looking for Tokyo Steakhouses, these are recommended!

Tokyo the capital of Japan is a fantastic city with plenty of places for people who love to eat. There are various types of eating joints in Tokyo and not to mention the steakhouses are some of the best in the world. When we talk about steak we start thinking about the tasty smoky dishes whose awesome taste is simply indescribable. The beef steak is very popular in Tokyo and I got to visit some of these steakhouses.

Bringing the Best steaks in Tokyo to You

I found the presentation of these steakhouses to be very impressive which makes me feel tempted even today. Being a steak lover myself, here’s a list of the best steakhouses in Tokyo.

Ginza Hirayama

Ginza Hirayama is perhaps one of the best steakhouses in Tokyo. I visited this awesome steakhouse with my girlfriend and not only is it amongst the best in Tokyo but also one of the best in the world.

The good thing about this steakhouse is that apart from the steak the supporting dishes are also very good. They have a very talented chef whose delicacies need no introduction. My girlfriend tried the Croquette and I had the Steak Tartare which was very tasty.

Not to mention here that the Japanese beef is best in the world!



Gorio is one of the best steakhouses in Tokyo and you get to taste different flavours of steaks here. The good thing I found about this restaurant is that it accepts all types of credit cards and are open between 12 noon and 11 pm. I visited this steakhouse on the first Sunday as it is closed on the 2nd Sunday.

The reason why the steak is exquisite is that they use a super slow cooking method with Japanese charcoal. This is to ensure the cooking process doesn’t shock the beef.

We had lunch at this place and paid around 15000 yen. Another feature of this place which I liked is that the staff understood English and you can access internet via wifi. In addition, this fantastic steakhouse offers you a non smoking zone upon request.


The Kawamura steakhouse in Tokyo needs no introduction as it offers the best steak in the world. This restaurant has received many awards and specializes in providing Kobe beef.

Although it offers the best steaks in the world it charges a high premium and for only 125 grams of beef, expect to shell out around 22000 yen.


Makoto is a small steakhouse which offers very good food. It is one of the best steakhouses found in Tokyo known to host food for actors and politicians alike.

This fabulous steakhouse does not have any fixed menu. The chef asks you whether you would like to have steak or appetizers and he does the rest, which we liked a lot. I visited this place on a chilly day and the tasty steak was just perfect. The chef always greets you with a smile and makes you feel at home.

Order the sashimi or raw beef here which is the specialty of this great steakhouse. The cost of food at this steakhouse ranges from 25000 to 30000 yen.

Nakasei Uchimise


Nakasei Uchimise is one of the finest steakhouses in Tokyo. The best thing which I liked about this steakhouse is the display of meat cuts before placing my order. I could select the meat cut before ordering the steak. In addition I could even order different slices and got to taste a variety of beef.

The ambience of this steakhouse is perfect to enjoy the best Wagyu steak in Tokyo.

Ginza Miyama

Ginza Miyama is a lovely steakhouse in Tokyo which offers branded beefs and local foods of Nagasaki. The chefs of this lovely steakhouse involve both Japanese and French methods to prepare some unique dishes.

This steakhouse proved be a perfect place to spend quality time with my girlfriend on her birthday in a romantic setting. We really enjoyed watching the culinary cooking skills on display.

I paid around 20000 yen for a single person which was sky high but the services and food were worth paying this amount. The staff of this place were very polite and served us in the best possible manner.


Aragawa is one of the best steakhouses in Tokyo which is famous all over the world. This steakhouse is also known to be in the list of the most expensive restaurants of the world. The cooking method is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and the beef is nicely seared and marbled.

I ordered Kobe beef steak which came with some carrots, peas and baked potatoes. I even tried the beef with some mustard which was awesome.

The price of the dish for one person is around 40000 yen and much higher, if you order drinks in this popular steakhouse. One of the more expensive meals I’ve ever paid for but a real treat to be savored!

Why Should You Visit These Popular Steakhouses?

All the above mentioned steakhouses are some of the best steakhouses in Tokyo. The beef steak available in these steakhouses is the best you can get. These steakhouses offer some of the best dishes in the world with world class ambience and perfect combination of hospitality.

Some of the steakhouses are very expensive but you do not mind paying the high price as you get the best of everything in these places. Not to mention the flavor and tenderness of beef which you get here is not found anywhere in the world.

It is good to know that Tokyo houses some of the best eating places in the world. I made it a point to visit these steakhouses as a couple and alone and had a great time. In today’s busy life you should visit these places as they make you feel happy and you get to know a lot about the food and eating habits of different cultures. In some of these steakhouses I found the flavor of French cuisines which was just perfect. These steakhouses not only serve the best beef but you also get to interact with some of the high-end Chefs of the world.

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