The Best Teppanyaki Restaurants in Shibuya – Must Try!


As food lovers, Tokyo is truly a paradise. In visiting Tokyo and eating their ‘oishi’ food, it was but a one-of-a kind experience for my girlfriend and I. Shibuya is a buzzing city, full of the most exciting dining destinations that feature wide range Japanese cuisines, both local and regional, not to mention there are also fare types of international cuisine that the city has to offer. Of the best Japanese dishes that we’ve tasted, and one that I really love is the Teppanyaki. Teppanyaki is prepared or grilled right in front of you on an iron plate and that adds to the appeal of the dish as you anxiously watch the Chef.


Where are the Most Delicious Teppanyaki Restaurants in Shibuya?

As one of the most popular Japanese foods, my girlfriend and I didn’t miss the chance to visit some of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Shibuya and get a taste of one of Japan’s luxury cuisines.

1. Inishina


We found this little restaurant just a few minutes from Shibuya Station. Inishina is a great restaurant for small crowds as we’ve seen groups of friends comfortably eating in the restaurant. The pork belly and garlic fried rice were so tempting. Even better, we got to taste not just Teppanyaki but also other Japanese foods such as Okonomiyaki and grilled oyster.

If you want, you can also get a taste of their Kyoto-style and Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, which in my opinion, is both oishi. And, adding blue onion or cheese to it makes it taste so much richer. We watched the Chef in anticipation of eating our food and enjoyed the inviting smells leading up to it.

2. Teppanyaki Ichika


Nearby Shibuya Station, we found Teppanyaki Ichika restaurant which we liked for its serene and very authentic atmosphere. But of course, what we liked the best was Ichika’s very luscious teppanyaki and the other delicious foods in their menu. Here there are counter seats and private rooms available.

Once inside, you’ll see an aquarium with shrimp and fresh fish swimming and a showcase of their finest Japanese marbled Wagyu beef. Your exclusive Chef puts on a skillful culinary performance with your choices from a regular course to the Chefs recommended course, both are great!

3. Teppanyaki Ten


Just a 7 minute walk from Shibuya Station, we sat down at Teppanyaki Ten. This was a small but very stylish Izakaya where we enjoyed one of the most delicious teppanyaki we’ve ever tasted. You can select a course menu, available from 5,800 yen or from an à la carte menu wherein we suggest to try the tasty abalone or lobster.

It’s a cozy place with counter seats and a private room which will comfortably sit you and all of your guests. But it’s also a wonderful place for couples like us looking for a great place to relax and eat Japanese barbecue, on an huge iron griddle.

4. Udagawa Naru


In me and my girlfriend’s search for where we can eat the best Teppanyaki, we found the magnificent restaurant that is Udagawa Naru. Location is excellent as access is just a short 5 minute walk from JR Shibuya Station. The restaurant was perfect for those who want to enjoy incredible views with their outdoor terrace seats. Course menus are great as they come with a 2 hour all-you-can drink feature.

Not only does this restaurant offer tasty Teppanyaki but also delectable Japanese omelet grilled on an iron plate called Teppan which was served with caviar and Ikura. Also, it’s perfect for couples enjoying a good night out with their particular selections of Japanese sake.

5. Hidarumasou


This is a restaurant as well as a dining bar which is perfect for couples, friends and families. Access is a short 3 minute walk from JR Shibuya Station, South Exit. When we were looking for the best teppanyaki restaurants, customers of Hidarumasou recommended it for their delicious Japanese barbecue and also because of the different kinds of appetizers which we were both able to experience. The staff are courteous and an English menu is available.


We’ve always wanted to go to Japan and get a taste of their most popular dishes. Now, my girlfriend and I are both really ecstatic in getting a taste of the yummy dishes from this list of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Shibuya. It certainly is a memorable experience that we’d want to go back there once again.

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