6 Best Tokyo Restaurants and Their Exclusive Features


The absolute best restaurants of Tokyo are known for their good food and exceptional service. These restaurants boast of serving traditional Japanese, Italian as well as French dishes in order to give the best dining experiences to the travelers. I found sushi, roasted pork and even okonomiyaki in these beautiful restaurants located on the streets of Tokyo. The best thing about Tokyo restaurants is that they fit all type of budgets. You will find restaurants in the some of the highest buildings as well as on the backstreets of Tokyo. Here I will discuss about some of the top Tokyo restaurants and the great food they provide.


Best of Tokyo’s High-End Restaurants

New York Grill at Park Hyatt


This amazing restaurant is situated on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt. I made a reservation for a table next to the window and the Tokyo view is nothing less than amazing. Lunch is great here as it starts off at 5700 yen and for you late risers, if you prefer weekend brunch it is 8000 yen. Dinner will cost you about 12000 yen.

To start off your meal, they offer ample selections of appetizers such as sliced meats, salads, bread and many more options. The range of grilled dishes offered at New York Grill was unbelievable but the dessert buffet was what my girlfriend keeps coming back to. We sampled almost everything from strawberry tart, ice cream, cakes, cookies, apple pie and too many other sweets in between.

From the beginning, once the elevator doors first opened to this restaurant, expect to be wowed like we were.

Argento ASO

top,tokyo,restaurantsIn Italian Argento means “silver”. This two-star Michelin rated restaurant serves you top notch Italian food from Chef Tatsuji Aso. The black and silver decor of this place adds to the ambiance with Venetian chandeliers and table light candles to add a little romance to your meal.

We ordered the roasted pork with seasonal vegetables and clams spaghetti and both were magnificent. For dessert lovers, the strawberry tiramisu with fresh fruit cannot be ignored. Argento ASO is located in the prime area of Ginza and provides us with a memorable meal accompanied by first class service and food.



This is yet another fantastic Tokyo restaurant which needs no introduction. The interior of this restaurant is colorful, inviting and intimate. A unique and impressive take to Dazzle is that couples can watch the Chefs prepare their food, as there’s a lift that opens directly onto the kitchen area. Highly recommended is the crab cakes, lobster or sword fish.

The wine room dominates the dining area as it’s known to be one of Japan’s largest, with over 2000 bottles awaiting your order. We truly enjoyed our meal in a wondrous atmosphere which was highlighted by the Swarovski crystals glittering in a romantic setting.



This is a famous Tokyo restaurant which gives you a variety of dishes at a generally respectable price for the quality it provides. Chef Shin Harakawa gets his creative inspirations from his travels and is willing to share this with you, as he speaks excellent English. We loved the fact that dishes were prepared right in front of us and Chef would even explain the origins of the ingredients.

Beard offers you a small casual space and consists of eight tables along with four counter seats. The menu of this restaurant changes regularly as its chef is highly influenced by seasonal local ingredients and also provided is a tasting course set offered daily.

Sushi Saito


This restaurant in Roppongi, is one of Japan’s hidden gems with a prestigious Michelin 3-star rating. The atmosphere here is very relaxed as Chef Takashi Saito is very friendly, chatting and joking around with customers. Reservations are a must and even made months ahead of time, if possible.

You will immediately experience the intense flavors of his prepared sushi and the creativity that goes into the fresh seafood. It’s closely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, sushi restaurants throughout Japan and I tend to agree. Sushi Saito is in its own stratosphere when it comes to sushi!



RyuGin is another Tokyo restaurant which is very popular and is situated in the Roppongi area. The food is taken very seriously by Chef Seiji Yamamoto as there are instructions provided upon reservation, for example photo etiquettes and the use of perfumes upon entering. Because of this, my girlfriend and I expected the place to be formally stuffy but we were greeted with a smile and politely seated.

The mouth-watering kaiseki menu was exquisite, quite expensive and the atmosphere was romantic and not pretentious at all. Everything from the tasting menu to the special seasonal dishes were also healthy as they do not use any chemical seasoning or other artificial flavors in their foods. The service was excellent and we loved everything about Ryugin.


The above mentioned restaurants are the top Tokyo restaurants. These restaurants serve the best food you can think of and the atmosphere of these entire lineup of restaurants is simply awesome. The simplicity and courtesy of the staff of these restaurants always make you want to visit them time and again. Some of these restaurants charge high prices for their services but I did not hesitate to pay for the experience.

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