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My girlfriend and I are big fans of the Yakiniku in Ebisu just because it’s one of the better places to get this fantastic meal. Let’s face it, if you come to Tokyo, you do want to check this out at least one time. But where can you get some of the best Yakiniku in Ebisu? Here you have a few great options to focus on!


How do you Find the Best Yakiniku Restaurant in Ebisu?

Yakiniku Toraji Ebisu Garden


Yakiniku Toraji Ebisu Garden opened up shop in 1995 in the backstreets of Ebisu, Shibuya. Their aim is to provide a balanced diet with healthy, delicious food that you’ll come back time and again for. The concept was to serve thicker cuts of meat to customers, to convey all their succulent and juicy tastes. Their signature dishes include the Toraji’s beef tongue, kalbi boneless ribs and the tender beef filet.

We wanted to try the special courses menu on offer, which consisted of a basic set which is 2800 yen per person, to a premium course for 6800 yen. Choose depending on how hungry you are and the quality you want. Here you can try a delicious sampling of their yakiniku, plus the sushi, seafood and dessert.

Yakiniku Kintan

What you will like about the Ebisu Yakiniku Kintan is that they have an excellent location. The prices are pretty good; I managed to spend less than 2500 yen on a complete meal with me and my girlfriend. They have an open area setting and nine private rooms in a casual restaurant setting.

The staff is not that vetted in English speaking, but the food here is great. I particularly liked the primary Kintan BBQ meal which is a combination of Wagyu beef rib and chicken. The grilled meat set is really impressive too.

Yakiniku Yamazon


This is one of the more luxurious yakiniku restaurants on our list, with an elegant space including private dining rooms. Very professional, warm staff and a delight to eat here. The drinks are excellent too, but the meals are one of a kind and should be savored.

We particularly liked the presentation of the appetizers to the main, which is unlike anything you have seen recently. The beef melted in my mouth and I am very impressed with the way they cooked it. Succulent cuts, great taste, this is everything you want from a nice yakiniku restaurant.

Yakiniku Champion


I thought that calling your restaurant Yakiniku Champion may seem a little bold. However, they did surprise me. This business does back up its claim, and delivers a delicious Yakiniku meal. Plus, you can order the Chefs recommended course for 5200 yen, that comes with marbled beef, kimchi, beef tendon stew, organ meats and much more, which is exactly what you want to get in the end. The kalbi here is very tender and since it was grilled on our table, it was definitely an incredible sight.

Yakiniku Jumbo Shirogane


Yakiniku Jumbo Shirogane has maybe the best yakiniku in Ebisu because it’s tasty and at the same time reasonable for their highest ranking A5 Kuroge Wagyu beef. The mixture of affordability and high quality is what makes it stand out. Plus, the location is magnificent, and I liked the friendly service and professionalism.

They also served us promptly for a very large meal, so their service is indeed worth it. Opening its doors in 2006, this restaurant really is amazing! Know that it can be hard to get a seat here, so try to book beforehand.


Whenever you want to find the best yakiniku in Ebisu, I recommend you return to this list. It includes the top restaurants we’ve found, and you will not be disappointed by them. I believe that here you get the perfect balance when it comes to value for your money. So, it’s definitely worth your consideration if you want the tastiest yakiniku around Tokyo.

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