Finding the Top Cat Cafes in Shibuya


If there is one thing my girlfriend likes in a café, it is that they are cat cafés. There is something warm and inviting about this type of café that has become quite popular in Tokyo and especially the Shibuya region of the city which is one of the most fashionable. We discovered the unique cat café concept not long ago when it made the newspapers and it’s quite the adventure to go to one of these establishments.


What is a Cat Café?

Basically, this is a place where there are actual cats that will walk around, sit in special places, and those you can pet if they will let you. Another primary purpose of the café is for you to find the cat you like and adopt it. This is a clever idea that has helped people adopt cats of all types that are in need of a good home.  After taking the time to look around, here are what we consider to be the top cat cafés in Shibuya.

The Best Cat Cafés in Shibuya

top,cat,cafes,shibuyaThis one really stands out thanks to its stylish look which is pleasing to the eye and does wonders for the cats who live here. We loved this trendy spot where it is tough to get a table unless you go early or later in the evening. What helps make this place special is the view it offers which we found the cats enjoyed as well. My girlfriend and I spent some time here just hanging out with the cats which makes MoCHA one of the places to be if you love the kitties. Prices are reasonable as they charge 200 yen for every 10 mins and drink bar costs 350 yen. Opening hours are from 10pm to 10pm and is open all year round.

Access: 5-min walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko
Address: 32-12 Asoruti Shibuya 8F, Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho
Phone: 03-6455-3503

Cat Cafe Hapineko
top,cat,cafes,shibuyaOf all the cat cafés in the area, this one may be the cutest. Admittedly, we had a little difficulty finding at first which means that tourists may have an even worse time. However, if you can get here you’ll be welcomed by all types of interesting cats. You must pay a small entrance fee, but that will include a small drink and cake. Plus, you can take remembrances from the café such as cat toys which will make your kitty quite happy. They have a popular weekday package with patrons that charge 2100 yen for 2 hours including drinks. If this is too long for you they also have increment charges (30 mins) for 525 yen. Hapineko is also open all year round from 11am to 10pm.

Access: 4-min walk from Shibuya Station
Address: 2-28-3 Dogenzaka Kratos BLDG, 3Fl, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3770-1328

Nyafe Melange
top,cat,cafes,shibuyaYou can find this one near the Ebisu Station and there are many cute kitties and cats that are in this spot. What’s really nice about this café is that there are convenient lockers where you can store your items until needed. Plus, you can knock back a few drinks which makes it an even nicer place to visit. Nyafe Melange offers a 2 hr packages on weekdays for 2000 yen and Sat/Sun 2300 yen. This includes a drink for you and a cat snack for your feline friend! Conveniently opened 7 days a week, their business hours are from Mon-Thurs 12pm to 8pm and Fri-Sat 12pm to 9pm. This is a nice cozy cafe where the staff were courteous and helpful. If you want extra attention from your furry friends, cat treats are available for 100 yen.

Access: 3-min walk from Ebisu Station
Address: 1-7-13 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku 3F, 150-0013
Phone: 03-5449-4024

These three places represent the top cat cafés in Shibuya. Given how popular these cafés are and how many cats in the city need homes, we expect that there will be more cat cafés opening in Shibuya and many other places in Tokyo. Whether you are looking for a cat to take home or just want to play with them for a little while, they are great places to unwind, relax, and enjoy what cats bring into our lives.

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