Best Cosplay Restaurants Tokyo has to Offer


One of the biggest trends in the past few years has been the number of cosplay restaurants to open in Tokyo. My girlfriend and I love to cosplay when going to conventions, so it was a natural choice to check out all the great eating locations in the city. Based on our experience, here are the best cosplay restaurants Tokyo residents and tourists should visit.


Themed Restaurants in Tokyo


Maids are a very popular cosplay in Tokyo and Maid Dreamin is easily the best. The first to embrace the maid concept, it has become a popular chain of restaurants in Tokyo. My girlfriend discovered it when handed a flyer by a girl in a maid’s outfit. Admittedly, I found it a little uncomfortable at first since all the waitresses were wearing skimpy outfits, but the food is good and the menu selections quite nice. Staff make you feel welcome so remain open-minded and you’ll have a fun experience here.

Access: 7 min walk from JR “Shibuya” station (Hachiko) exit
Address: 30-1 Udagawa-machi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Phone: 03-6427-8398
Hours: Mon ~ Thu 1pm to 11pm
Friday and holidays: 1pm to 5pm
Saturdays 1pm to 5pm
Total # of seats: 50


Cross-dressing has taken on a whole new frontier as this eatery is one of the better choices. The maids here are all-male although they try their best to look female. My girlfriend had quite a fun time at this location, although I noticed that most of the patronage was male. This is a good place to relax, enjoy a drink, and the fine food that the restaurant serves.

Address: Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 5-18-11, Tanigawa building 5th floor

Swallowtail Butler Café

It was not surprising that my girlfriend was getting tired of visiting the many maid cafes in the city, even if many of them were quite good. So, she was looking forward to the Swallowtail Butler Café and boy did she have a great time. Located in Ikebukuro, the staff is all-male and dress like butlers who fulfill your every need. They pampered her like a princess, but what I found interesting is that not all the butlers look alike. There were tall, short, portly, young, and middle-aged butlers which make for an interesting evening.

Hours: Open everyday 10:30pm ~ 9:20pm
Address: 3 Chome−3−12−12 Toshima-ku, Higashiikebukuro, Tokyo, 170-0013
Phone: 03-5957-1555

Nagomi Café

Of all the best cosplay restaurants Tokyo offers, the Nagomi Café may be the most controversial. Here, the maids are dressed up in more child-like maid clothing which just barely covers those who serve the food. The maids themselves are instructed to change their moods frequently so you never know what to expect. My girlfriend got a real laugh when the flirty maid who was serving me turned ice-cold rather quickly. Interesting concept and heartbreaking at the same time!

Address: 1-8-4-2F Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5256-8001
Hours: 11am ~ 10pm

These five Tokyo cosplay restaurants really stand out for their combination of dress, interaction, service, and food selection. It’s little wonder that my girlfriend and I had such a great time at these places and she looks forward to visiting them again, especially the one with the butlers.

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