Recommended Kaiten Sushi (Conveyor Belt) Places in Shinjuku


Sushi is a very popular dish and a favorite among many. When in Shinjuku, you might want to take a quick bite yet are either out of time or short on cash. In comes the sushi conveyor belt joints that are the Japanese version of a fast food place. You can pick any of them for your own taste and while there are many more in the same class, these are the best. My girlfriend and I eat out quite a lot and sushi is at the top of our list every time.


Budget Kaiten Sushi Restaurants in Shinjuku

1. Sakurazushi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiThis is among the joints that will stay open till very late into the night. When you are just leaving the bar and you need to cap it all off with something delicious, you can start off by giving this place a visit. Famous for using seasonal ingredients, it’s also open throughout the day and will churn out lots of great sushi at a phenomenal price. No more hassle for costly sushi when you can have what you need right here.

2. Tenkazushi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiIt will be so unfair to not mention Tenkazushi when you visit Tokyo and Shinjuku, in particular. Keep in mind that the sushi offered here is one of the best and the freshest you can get in the whole city. The price point is why we’re here and also the reason it has many returning customers always wanting more and more of the fish.  There was an English menu which we used to order at the counter and the skillful chefs made it for us in a timely manner.

3. Numazuko, Shinjuku Nishiguchi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiHere, we noticed the sushi cost was a little bit higher than the others but all that was thrown out the window when we realized that they are also the most popular sushi joint in Shinjuku. When you make the best sushi in town, nothing will stop the customers from filling the queues even when you charge a little extra. My girlfriend loves the fatty tuna (toro) here while I like the salmon nigiri. The line ups at Numazuko are usually pretty long so try to avoid peak times, unless you don’t mind waiting.

4. Oedo, Shinjuku Minamiguchi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiUnlike other kaiten sushi restaurants, you can have the sushi you want right from the chef in charge. Imagine us walking in and after having a short conversation with the guy dressed in white, he serves us nothing like we’ve ever tasted before. You will come back again and again as you please. The taste of the sushi here will likely leave you yearning for more.

5. Shionzushi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiThe Shionzushi offers the best value for your money, given that the price and the size of the sushi are nothing like you have seen before. When you get to this place, be assured you will leave it smiling and happy that you chose the right joint for your conveyor belt sushi experience. You can buy dessert at the convenience store afterwards with the money saved from this eatery.

6. Kaisen Misakiko, Shinjuku Eastside Square
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiAs one of the most popular joints in the whole of Shinjuku, we give them bonus points for innovation. One of them is the extra addition of modern technology. We simply sat at our table, made an order on an electronic console, then waited for our food. The sushi at Kaisen Misakiko was there rather quickly for us to enjoy. Definitely try the asari (clam) miso soup with your meal, it’s delicious!

7. Heirokuzushi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiThis brand had joints in Shinjuku, the rest of Tokyo and in Okubo. The price and the taste of the food are at the top of their class and having the experience will see you enjoy what your choice of sushi is. Plates vary in color, corresponding to the price, so be adventurous and try things out of your comfort zone, you might surprise yourself and love the taste. Most customers to Heirokuzushi come out satisfied and will return in the next few days to quench their sushi cravings. The ones who do not are the tourists having a one-time experience.

8. Himawari Sushi, Shinjuku
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiMost travelers start their sushi journey at Himawari owing to its popular name among those new to the city. The chefs have such skill and experience that they will serve you exactly what is right for your palette. Choose any dish you want. This is a very convenient location nearby Shinjuku Station.

9. Gansozushi, Shinjuku Nishiguchi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiOne of the most popular places in the whole of Shinjuku, the Gansozushi chefs here are very enthusiastic and their enthusiasm is evident in the delicious sushi they make. Head over to this joint as they serve fresh ingredients coming directly from Tsukiji Fish Market.

10. Kaitenzushiya Hibari, Shinjuku
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiAs one of the most modern sushi joints in Shinjuku, this establishment has a lot of diversity in the dishes and other items offered. We conversed with English-speaking waiters who ensured that we had the right order of sushi in the shortest time possible. The taste of the sushi is taken to a whole new level in this restaurant.

11. Oedo, Shinjuku Nishiguchi
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiIt may come as a surprise that the Oedo is one of the most popular sushi joints in the whole of Shinjuku. Its popularity is due to the large size of their servings and wonderful taste which will leave you full and well-nourished.

12. Oedo, Shinjuku Eki Mae
belt,conveyor,kaiten,shinjuku,sushiThe Oedo brand seems to get better and better as we go by with each branch having the right unique addition to the dish. This one offers the customers at least 7 types of fish to choose from so that your sushi tastes just the way you want it. The size of the serving is also one that’s hard to beat.


You cannot go to Tokyo and come out without having attested to the great kaiten sushi that they serve there. A lot of patience, passion and dedication goes into the preparation of the sushi. You might have taken a bite of sushi back home but the Japanese have been honing the skills of preparing sushi for generations. The prices are also very low when compared to what the major restaurants offer. We were pleased and delighted to have our sushi delivered by means of a conveyor belt right to our table.

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