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Tokyo, as a modern metropolis has become famous for its quirky attractions. Whether it’s spending a night in a capsule hotel, a stroll through the Harajuku district or a meal in a themed restaurant, a trip to the nation’s capital is wasted without a visit to Akihabara.

We visited a few different Maid Cafes in Akihabara and I am going to tell about our experiences at the most top-notch maid cafes here. But first before we go in detail, let us talk a little about Tokyo City, Akiharaba and other interesting things you will love to hear.

Maid cafes originated from Akihabara and has become one of Japan’s most popular cultural icons. There are themed cafe shops where the waiters or waitresses dress up as maids and butlers, so based on that concept, customers of these cafes will be treated like a “master” for the day. Although some of these cafes have spread to other locations throughout Japan, Maid Cafes in Akihabara still top the charts in this category.

Tokyo is Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis. It is also one of Japan’s 47 prefectures, consisting of 23 central city wards and multiple cities, towns and villages. Akihabara is Tokyo’s “Electric Town”, that consists of thousands of shops selling every technological gadget you can imagine, from PCs to gaming consoles and anime goods at reasonable prices.

Now that you have a better insight about Tokyo and other places, we are going to go in detail about our experience in Akiharaba city, visiting most of the maid cafes. Below are some significant Maid Cafes my girlfriend and I visited:

Best Akihabara Maid Cafes

Maid cafes in Akiharaba are special in that all customers are served by female workers who wear maid outfits usually designed to look like the ones seen on popular Japanese animations. What is more intriguing about the cafe, is that these maids will play various types of board games, cards and video games with you as you dine or simply talk with one of these adorable girls. Trust me, it’s pretty sweet.

Let’s go on to the ones we visited.

@home Cafe
@home Cafe is a standout amongst the most prominent bistros in Akihabara, and it’s theme is all about “adorable” style! You’ll be welcomed as goshujinsama (master) or ojou-sama (missus) the minute you enter and will be invited to @home as the maids are all dolled up in cute white and brown uniforms to serve you. The place reminded us of Alice in Wonderland with the interior painted in pastel pink and blue shades. We enjoyed their services as the maid played lovely guitar sound tracks making the whole place warm and lovely. Their dishes and beverages stay true to a real cafe style and we also had a nice conversation with the maids. I think @home Cafe is a must-go-to cafe as the experience was definitely worth trying!

This cafe was recommended to me by a friend. The reason was we were told that instead of going to the super busy maid cafe on the main road, we would have a better, more relaxed time here. “Mia” means “Maid in Angels” in Japanese, their maids are so beautiful that you will be tempted to touch them, but don’t. Although Mia-café doesn’t have an extremely accommodating English site, however their menu and costs remain very clear. The cafe likewise has some English speaking staffs as the maids try their best to communicate in a very friendly and warm manner. Although we didn’t partake in their photo shoot, if time permits, then give their incredible studio a shot for lasting memories. Mia Cafe offers a unique and relaxing experience and if you’re hungry, order the scrumptious curry.

Honey Honey maid:
This is one of the maid cafes in Akiharaba that don’t overcharge or have any table fees and their food and beverages are quite affordable. My girlfriend loved this place since it truly feels like a pleasant place for women. Honey Honey has a separate menu for ladies, known as “Women dessert sets” which is just so perfect. The most interesting part of this cafe is that ladies can dress in full maid attire and get an overall feeling of the maid experience in their daily environment. Another plus is that’s it’s located nearby Akihabara Station.

The Shangri-La Maid Cafe:
Not a place where you will see skinny girls running around in maid costumes but instead it is a cafe that you see robust girls doing the work so gracefully. Interestingly, it’s a cafe dedicated to younger women with a fuller figure. With a seating capacity of 48, Shangri-la is also one of the best places to have healthy foods and has Akihabara’s first authentic pizza oven that’s made with ingredients of all fresh organic vegetables. This is not a place known for junk food and many who try the pizza here say it’s the best tasting healthy pizza in all of Tokyo. Imagine that! Most maid cafe food is questionable at best, so only time will tell if this concept will stand the test of time in Tokyo.

Pinafore is the kind of maid cafe that will cheer you up by the lively atmosphere created by the maids. You can enjoy watching a live show, sing and dance together with maids in their cute pink dresses. You can also peer into the kitchen and watch the chef prepping desserts, parfaits and meals with their cute decorations. The maids outfits can change from day to day so expect to see maids in flight attendant, school girl, or classic maid uniforms. Expect there to be lineups outside on Saturdays as this is fun place to take a date or for the whole family. There’s no cover charge; however, you’ll be reminded that there’s a 1 hr time slot for you to finish up if a line is forming. Order the “omurice” and your Pinafore maid will draw whatever cute animal you want on it. This is the most “natural-feeling” maid cafe we’ve been to thus far as they seem to get a lot of repeat customers.

Being here feels like a transformation into a whole new reality. Maidreamin’s style is mostly stressed on colorful vibes and happy feelings, and you can also see both waiters and waitresses dress as butlers and maids. The special here is that you have to complete a small “ceremony” to order and enjoy the fun time with the maids. The foods and drinks, as well as desserts are decorated with adorable patterns to suit different tastes. Maids here love to chat with customers and entertain guests to the fullest. You can take photos with the maids for a small fee or just kick back and watch them sing and dance on stage.

Cure Maid Cafe
This is a famous maid cafe where many game and anime promotional events take place. It is also one of the oldest Maid cafes in Akihabara as well as all over Japan. They have their own very unique style and mainly offer tea for their customers with a European flair to it. One of the best things here is the variety of the tea and desserts on offer. Cure Maid Cafe is designed like a Victorian house where the maids are also dressed in Victorian style uniforms, bowing ever so politely while greeting you at your table. You can be reminded of your time here by purchasing a small souvenir porcelain doll resembling the beautiful maids in this cafe.



• Expect to pay for photos, if not included in the set menu.
• Play a fun and silly game against your waitress.
• Enjoy a trip to the cafe with a loved one or a group of friends.


• Touch the maids or take photos without permission.
• Expect that there will be an English version of the menu.
• Ask for personal details about the maid: phone number, home address etc, it is prohibited

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